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“Mondly” is a foreign language learning platform that uses innovative and fun study methods specially designed for easy, fun and effective learning!This article is about Mondly reviews.

Mondly Overview

“Mondly” is a language learning platform for children and adults alike. It uses modern technologies and intelligent and specific learning methods in order to make apprentices’ tasks simple and entertaining. This language education system is available as an app. It is therefore possible to use it anywhere and anytime.

Let’s learn more about this language platform without further ado!

The platform

Mondly” was created by Alex Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu in 2013. Both had the ingenious idea of ​​combining modern technologies with language learning.

Their goal: To enable people to speak different languages ​​quickly and easily!

This foreign language learning platform stands out from other learning applications by its practicality.

Indeed, the platform allows users to learn in their mother tongue, which makes the task much simpler.

To name only French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Japanese, note that it is available in a total of 33 languages.

The method put forward is the result of several years of research based on voice recognition and chatbot technology (conversational agent).

It is supposed to give users a unique experience. They will be able to improve their pronunciation and enrich their vocabularies.

“Mondly” is an increasingly well-known learning platform around the world. Currently, more than fifty million downloads have been recorded.

As a reminder, the application can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad or even on PC.

The different applications

“Mondly” promotes itself as a modern learning platform suitable for everyone. Its designers have thought of creating applications adapted to the needs of each user.

Here they are in detail:

– MondlyKids

For children, mondlyKIDS is the download app. It was designed to allow little ones to have fun while learning a new language. It will be for them in addition to an educational distraction, a very enriching experience.

– MondlyWorkds

For employees who want a great career, mastering several languages ​​is essential. With mondlyWORKS, they will be able to learn 33 languages ​​from their mother tongue, regardless of their skill level. The app features 1065 courses including lessons, exercises and vocabulary.

Its users will also be able to listen to native speakers speak and take part in conversations to put their knowledge into practice. At the end of the training, they will be able to speak the chosen language correctly while having impeccable natural accents. In addition, with mondlyWorks, they will familiarize themselves with the vocabularies and expressions essential in the business world.

This will make it easy for them to communicate with customers, suppliers or other business partners. It should be noted that the application also has a customizable and easy to use dashboard. Users can track their progress.

– MondlyEDU

Many schools have also chosen to use “Mondly” to develop the language skills of their students. By leveraging the mondlyEDU application, institutions have a practical learning tool that will allow them to achieve the desired result quickly.

– MondlyAR

It is a learning platform based on the technique of augmented reality. It allows users to learn a language outside of books. To be installed on a mobile phone, the application constitutes a virtual assistant whose function is to make learning natural.

MondlyAR allows users to let their imaginations run wild. They will not be mere spectators. They will acquire a maximum of knowledge and know-how thanks to a total immersion. In other words, they will be able to interact. During class, they will see a classroom and the avatar of a teacher.

The latter will use several educational tools such as games. He will ask apprentices to participate in the lessons in a fun way. They can for example press on an elephant. The animal will then splash the phone screen with water.

– MondlyVR

With mondlyVR, users won’t just learn standard phrases. They will be able to participate in realistic dialogues inspired by various events with virtual characters. This might include meeting new friends on a train to Berlin or ordering dinner in a charming restaurant in Spain.

The conversation will look real, which can only make learning fun, interesting and effective. Thanks to mondlyVR, it becomes easier to improve the pronunciation of words. Over time, app users will have crisp accents, as they will speak their language of choice like true native speakers.

What are the benefits of using “Mondly”?

“Mondly” is not a language learning platform like any other. First of all, it offers 33 languages ​​to choose from. Also, it comes in different versions, so everyone can find the type of training that suits them best. “Mondly” is also a service that offers new learning methods that are fun, fast, easy and above all effective.

There are obviously lessons and exercises. But apprentices will also be able to participate in games and real conversations with native speakers. It is possible to make mistakes without running the risk of being judged. You should know that instead of a teacher, there is a friendly avatar.

The latter’s role is to encourage users to speak and repeat a word until they can pronounce it correctly and fully understand its meaning. In other words, this language platform brings together theoretical and practical courses.

It is important to note that the application is already award winning. Indeed, “Mondly” was voted Best New App in the App Store in 2016. On top of that, training fees are reasonable especially if you decide to learn multiple languages ​​at once. It is even possible to take advantage of a free lesson!

How to use “Mondly”?

As previously indicated, this is an application available on the Internet and downloadable for use on a smartphone or tablet. It is possible to take advantage of a free course. However, paid training is also available. To learn a language, just go to the website and register.

Then all you have to do is choose a language and click on the ‘start learning’ tab to start learning.

Alternatively, you can also download the “Mondly” app from the AppStore or Google Play and register directly from the app.
Cons of Mondly:

As with all language apps, the weak point of “Mondly” is the pronunciation of the user which, with the absence of a real teacher, is not corrected when pronounced wrong!

Mondly Reputation:

The reputation of “Mondly” is really very good, whether it is application level on iPhone and Smartphone or online directly from the official website, the vast majority of testimonials speak of fun and effective language learning methods!

It was voted App of the Year by Facebook and Best New App by Apple!

Conclusion for Mondly reviews

It seems, obviously, that “Mondly” is an efficient and effective language learning system that offers fun and fun language courses that will suit young and old alike!


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