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How does health optimization work with MiProbes

the MiProbes Health tests work using an unusual Review strip. The so-called “mido” Review strip is designed in such a way that the displayed results of the urine sample can be determined using software. Since urine samples can be carried out by users alone and urine contains several markers that can be used to evaluate diseases, this method is well suited for carrying out self-tests. After evaluating the data, the software can then provide a score for immunity, nutrition, hydration, and liver and kidney health. In doing so, MiProbes wants to enable its customers to live healthier lives.

The mido urine Review from MiProbes at a glance

The mido Review strips from MiProbes can be ordered individually or as a subscription model. For use, customers must first urinate on the Review strip. After two minutes, the Review strip then shows certain evaluations. The Review must then be photographed and uploaded to the mido app. The app software then evaluates the data and displays the results as well as recommendations on how to deal with them.

A mido kit contains four Review strips and access to the analysis dashboard in the app. The Review strips are to be used once a week in order to provide as precise an overview of the progress as possible.

The scientists behind MiProbes

The founders of the MiProbes start-up are Dr. Augusta Modestino and Dr. Nina Patrick. They are scientists from the fields of bioengineering and pharmaceutical sciences and have made it their task to provide everyone with a comprehensive picture of their own health. With the start-up MiProbes, Dr. Nina Patrick also won the award as this year’s newcomer from the Federal Association of German Start-ups.

Dr. Nina Patrick won the award for best newcomer from the Federal Association of German Start-ups with the MiProbes Start-up


Conclusion on MiProbes and the mido Review strips

If you are concerned about your health or need frequent medical examinations due to certain persistent complaints, you can definitely benefit from MiProbes’ health analysis. Due to the constant monitoring of the various health values ​​in the body, MiProbes customers have a better overview and can work more specifically on a cure together with their doctor.

Prices and availability of the mido kits

A mido kit with four Review strips currently costs 18.99 euros. The monthly subscription costs 9.49 euros. (As of: 09/2021)

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