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Medical breakthrough massage chairs

In a Nutshell

The first massage chair engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep.

Warranty: All of our chairs come with a 3 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your chair, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE.**





Medical breakthrough massage chairs PRODUCT FEATURES


Zero Gravity Sleep System™

The first zero-gravity massage chair built to help you fall asleep is Medical Breakthrough’s Zero Gravity Sleep SystemTM. Once the inflatable air bags place you in zero-gravity, the massage chair will help you find the best position for your optimum comfort. Then to help you drift off to sleep, it conducts a relaxing, therapeutic massage. It’s so soothing that falling asleep in a massage chair has never been easier.

Total Stretch of Body

Stretching on a daily basis is an integral part of good health. Regular stretching can improve energy and balance, ease discomfort, and avoid potential injury. We have incorporated our Full Body Stretch feature into every Medical Revolutionary massage chair because of how good it is for your body to stretch. When your legs are pulled down and your back is extended, our Full Body Stretch feature keeps your hips in place. With our Full Body Stretch feature, you get awesome stretches every day and start reaping the health benefits now.

Quiet Massage

To help you get into the most relaxed mindset possible, we engineered the chair to be extremely quiet. We spent a lot of time sound proofing the motor so you barely hear any noise while you get a massage.


Head to Toe Back Massage System™

The most critical side of the body to massage, medically, is the back. A map of the pain points situated on the back of the body can be seen to the left. That’s why we have spent so much time engineering each of our chairs to thoroughly massage your back from head to toe. Each Medical Innovation chair has been specifically designed to target and massage these points, making you feel hundreds of times better when the attention they need is given to you.

Humongous Massagers of the Elbow

So broad are our shoulder massagers; it’s the only way to name them. More of your shoulders will cover them than almost any other chair on the planet. On the market, most massage chairs don’t do anything for shoulder pain, and their airbags are so small for those who do, that you barely feel anything, particularly if you’re really short or tall.Most businesses provide shoulder massagers only to inform individuals that they have their seats, even though they do not offer much or no value.

We have engineered each of our Medical Breakthrough massage chairs to have Humongous Shoulder Massagers, because we speak to hundreds of customers a day and have received so many complaints that most shoulder massagers are practically useless.

Smart Full Body Medical Scan™ – Full Body Scan Technology

While several manufacturers of massage chairs say that their chairs have body scanning features, most fail to function correctly. Their systems can still massage you in the wrong places after scanning your body, causing discomfort and pain. Our highly advanced Smart Medical ScanTM technology can detect and deliver a targeted, relaxing massage to every part of your body. With versatility in mind, we built this device because everybody likes different styles of massage. If that is not enough, it is possible to manually change all Medical Innovation massage chairs as well. The vertical position of the rollers can be changed from your neck all the way to your lower back.

Lower Back Rollers Extreme

Because lower back pain is one of our customers’ most common issues, we have prioritized finding a way to relieve their pain. We have finally produced one of the most powerful lower back rollers on the market after over 30 designs. As they are so powerful, we call them Intense Lower Back Rollers.

They can work out the stiffness and kinks in your back that other massage chairs simply can’t. Just use it for an hour a day and you will feel like you have a completely new back.


Adjustable Leg Extensions

Our massage chair is built to suit all-height people. We have engineered the chair to match your precise height, whether you are 4 feet or 6 feet 5 inches. Our adjustable leg extensions enable the legs to be easily extended or shortened to a position that makes you most comfortable.

Intense Heat Therapy

What is better than being given a massage? Getting a hot massage. Unfortunately, the heating characteristics of most massage chairs on the market do not really get that warm because it is difficult to warm leather massage chairs. We had to completely redesign our heat massage technology for this purpose. We were able to engineer a heat therapy massage device after more than a year of development that we are proud to put our name on. Even on a cold day, our Intense Heat TherapyTM will keep you warm.

True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™

Most massage chairs, despite their claims, really don’t have a 4D massage system. Many don’t even know what 4D massage really means, but our True 4D Deep Tissue Massage SystemTM means True 4D. This implies that along your back, across your neck, and in the shape of your spine, it conducts intense deep tissue massages. To ensure that the entire body can experience the soothing power of a massage, the specially built massage rollers protrude deeply into your spine, back, and lower back. Our True 4D Deep Tissue Massage SystemTM is so successful that after even the most stubborn stiffness is massaged away, you can feel like a brand new human.

Arm Massage SystemTM Engulfed

You would never want to live without one after you check out our Engulfed Arm Massage SystemTM. It completely covers every inch of your arms, palms, fingers, and finger tips, and simultaneously massages them from top to bottom, below, and sideways. All these things can’t even be done at once by a real masseuse! This is why, after having your hand massaged by our Engulfed Arm Massage SystemTM, you can feel so much better.

Foot Massage SystemTM for Reflexology

Since your entire body weight rests on your feet every single day, having a five-star foot massage is extremely necessary. This is why our Reflexology Foot Massage SystemTM was created. Because most other reflexology foot massagers do not do a decent job, we call it the Reflexology Foot Massage SystemTM. They just do basic foot massages for reflexology, which are much less relaxing and only leave you wanting more.

The first device in the world to do a complete Reflexology Foot Massage is our special Reflexology Foot Massage SystemTM. What does that imply? It means that multiple techniques can massage every inch of your feet, and our device is fitted with 3 rows of rollers that cover the whole sole of the foot. Our system also provides heel to toe Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage.

The Foot Massage SystemTM Reflexology is fitted with power-lifts that can lift your feet off the ground so you can enjoy the feeling of being weightless. When you have a reflexology massage in the air, it feels like your feet are flying; you have to try it to see how amazing it feels. Many other massage chairs have air bags only in their foot massagers, and at the bottom they have no rollers. There are over 20 air cells in the legs and several rollers for the bottom of the feet in our massage chairs, so now you can actually get a foot massage device that renders all other foot massagers obsolete.



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Save over 60% & get the world’s best massage chair medical breakthrough massage chairs today!
Save over 60% & get the world’s best massage chair medical breakthrough massage chairs today!
$6,649 $16,999
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