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Retired Chiroporactic Doctor in Stanford University with over 30 Years of Chiropractic Pratice & 39 Years of Massage Therapy Experience officially endorses the Medical Breakthrough Series Massage Chairs™ because it “can help so many people.”

Yale University Graduate with over 30 Years of Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Experience, who’s worked on nearly every type of body from disabled patients, professional athletes, and air force pilots, highly recommends the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™

Dr. John Riehm, MD with over 34 years of experience and a former electronical engineer for General Electric, Zerox & Texas Instrument, calls the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs one of the very best that you’re ever going to find!”

Dr. Gary Welch, a PhD Engineer with 32 years of experience says that Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs, “delivers on all accounts.”

Dr. Shawn Lee, Boise State University and Case Western Reserve University – School of Medicine, says that Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs “alleviate the aches and pains that are associated with the outdoor life.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Heated Massage Chair 

About this massage chair

  • [basic doctor] – the massage chair designed uniquely by more than 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and pain specialists.
  • [unlimited customization] – recline as far or as little as you want, choose your massage mode from the remote, and adjust virtually every aspect.
  • [body medical scan] – when you sit in the chair, it will scan your body to perfectly customize the position of the massage rollers, so that each massage delivered is the one you need.
  • [zero gravity] – this special position distributes your weight evenly over the chair so that you will feel virtually weightless, ensuring a deep sense of relaxation as you get a soothing massage.
  • [back chiropractic stretch] – The air bags in the chair will grab your hips and gently stretch your back muscles, relieving tense muscles and strengthening the health of the spine.



The Medical Breakthrough 4 is a full body L-Track massage chair designed with a set of mobile, four-wheel-drive, vertically muted intelligent massage hands. The track-shaped back matches the curves of your body, and when lying down can put the user in a zero gravity position, which allows a more relieving massage.

Defiant Massage Techniques

Breakthrough 4 has an intelligent body analysis system that automatically detects a user’s body position and adjusts the chair to deliver targeted therapeutic massages. The massage chair comes programmed with massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading, flapping, hitting, and simultaneous kneading and slamming, and comes with 6 automatic massage programs. The Breakthrough 4 comes with two memory functions so you can store your favorite chair positions and massage settings between sessions or different users. Manual massage modes for the upper body have three options, fixed, massage and overall, with five speed levels.

A Better Know Massage Chair

What ‘s the benefits of a massage chair

Today, massage is considered a classic way to improve your health. People now see massage as a way to relieve physical and psychological tension, not just a moment of relaxation. We talk about general well-being and massage is preventive in this area. Owning a chair can help you achieve this goal without having to systematically undergo manual treatment in an institute.

Using a massage chair can significantly improve your posture

Having poor posture can lead to severe muscle pain and even long-term bone displacement. Poor posture can cause breathing difficulties and negatively impact your blood flow. By improving your posture with a chair, you can resolve these issues and regain a healthier and more comfortable posture and manner for you.
massage improves posture

Good and bad postures

Daily massages can increase blood flow to your muscles and create adequate nutritional circulation while removing waste products from your body more easily. By increasing blood flow to tissues and muscles, toxins are flushed out more easily and your muscles are healthier and stronger.

Having a massage chair is a great way to relieve stress and to relax. Recurring stress is dangerous for your health, so it is important to let go of it as best you can. A massage chair will never eliminate the source of stress, but it can eliminate the physical symptoms that result from it. Massage can relieve muscle tension and lower blood pressure in the brain, which leaves a feeling of freshness and concentration.

Relaxation, the main benefit of the massage chair

One of the main reasons people buy a massage chair or go for a massage is relaxation. Most armchairs are designed with the idea of ​​maximizing this feeling of relaxation by working a lot on comfort. If you are naturally anxious, massage chairs can really help. Anxiety creates physical tension and stiffness in your muscles. The massage releases your energy and if the anxiety ever returns, take a quick stroll in the chair, and you will feel calmed down in no time.

Massage chairs are also great for relieving physical pain and reducing muscle tension: a lot of people spend their day sitting behind a screen, which causes abnormal tension, especially in the lower back and neck. An armchair will allow you to relax and change positions during the day. We quickly find a feeling of well-being and lightness.

The benefits of massage on the body

With a massage chair, you can increase your level of happiness. This is the most important benefit to us! When you release tension in your muscles or reduce your lower back or back pain, your brain releases a chemical called endorphin. This chemical molecule signals the body to be calm and happy, and it calms the mind and muscles (the circle has come full circle). A massage chair that massages the back, neck, trunk, legs and feet can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and your brain will naturally produce this endorphin and release it throughout the body. This will rejuvenate your mind and allow you to see the world in a more positive way.

Massage chairs are very beneficial for your health and general well-being. They can improve many aspects of your physical and mental health and in the end, it is much cheaper than going for daily care at 60-90 € an hour (not to mention the saving of time). It’s a very beneficial investment at all levels.

What is a “zero gravity” massage chair?

Massage chairs featuring zero gravity technology align heart, back and legs to relieve the body of any gravity. The relaxation then becomes total!

Zero gravity technology suitable for massage chairs comes from NASA. Indeed, scientists have found that body position has a real impact on the well-being of their astronauts. In this way, space explorers have the best conditions at takeoff and whenever they want to rest. It is therefore only natural that armchair manufacturers have adapted it to self-massage sessions.

What happens in the zero gravity position?

By settling into a zero gravity chair, the heart, legs and back are aligned to create the perfect position for total relaxation. Indeed, when the legs and the heart are at the same level, the back is then relieved of all pressure and the benefits are linked: the muscular tensions around the lumbar region disappear, the rib cage is released, oxygenation is intensified. and the blood circulation of the legs becomes more fluid. Suffice to say that the future massage is already in perfect harmony with the moment of relaxation that awaits it!

Treat your back pain with a zero gravity chair

Once the body is floating, we let ourselves go to kneading the machine on the areas that hurt. In addition to offering various complete relaxation programs, reclining massage chairs provide more specific relief for lower back pain and general back pain. Thus, the rollers completely cover the back area, providing a deep massage. To be considered a true zero gravity chair, it must offer a perfectly relaxing feeling of weightlessness thanks to:

  • a reclining backrest
  • leg adjustment
  • a footrest that follows

How to choose your zero gravity chair?

The differences between the models of zero gravity chairs are mainly in the options. To choose the right reclining massage chair, you must take care to study its characteristics, beyond the pure zero-G function:

  • number of different massage programs
  • customizable roll width
  • integrated silhouette sensors
  • airbags for venous drainage
  • acupressure points
  • music player or connection possible

How to choose a massage chair?

There is no scientific data indicating which massage chair is the best for reducing back pain. In addition, there is no standard price for massage chairs. Their prices tend to vary from 700 to 5000 €. While a higher price usually correlates with higher quality, this is not always the case. Recently a new model line has appeared with better features and lower prices than the older models. This is the logic of technological evolution: the 1st cell phone was very expensive for a quality that today would make us smile …

Choosing a comfortable massage chair

As with any product related to personal comfort, the final decision is subjective and remains specific to each person. It is therefore advisable to test the many brands and models of massage chairs on the market.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when looking for a massage chair:

The basic comfort of the massage chair

Sit in the chair and get a pleasant feeling. Some chairs may have a shape that meets some person’s expectations better than others.

Massage strength

Make sure the intensity of the massage is appropriate. For a more vigorous massage, look for a chair that offers very prominent points and strong movements. Those who want a specific massage on specific points may prefer a massage chair with small rollers and knots and smoother movements.

Massage seat presets and adjustment

Take the time to experiment with the preset programs. Some massage chairs may have a preset that is specific to an area of ​​the back. Other devices may offer greater flexibility of use. A massage chair with a wide range of adjustment can be a good point when purchasing a chair for use by several, if not many, users.

Choose your massage chair according to the mechanisms


Some massage chairs come with a built-in or separate legrest that extends in and out of the chair.The positions may be more comfortable for returning to the initial position. Some chairs even have a legrest that has its own types of massage or vibration.

Appearance of the chair

There are many sizes and shapes. Some are made of leather and polished wood, synthetic leather and plastic, or others are a combination of fabrics and materials. The decision shouldn’t be made just on appearance, it is still an important factor when buying.

Price Range of Massage Chairs

As mentioned earlier, massage chairs are quite expensive. It remains an investment that should last you for years and provide you with a lot of well-being and relaxation.

Again, there is no absolute right or wrong solution. Only by educating yourself well on the features and performance of each chair, will you form a clear opinion on whether this purchase is worth it or not, and if the benefits are worth it.

Create a calm space with a relaxing massage chair

Companies are focusing more and more on well-being at work in order to improve the conditions of their employees. Typical case: the rest room is equipped with a relaxing and massaging chair. This solution appeals to both bosses and employees, in an approach of social responsibility.

What is a calm space?

The simplest definition of a calm space would be a relaxation area. Within a company, it is about transforming a rest room into a place of relaxation where employees and managers can come to recharge their batteries and relax in peace.

Indeed, the models are sufficiently diversified so that each structure can find the model that suits it. No technical skills are required to use them: the employee sits down, presses a button and starts the massage program. In short, companies are won over by the simplicity and efficiency of massage chairs; employees greatly appreciate the relaxing effects of these new office companions.

Which relaxing massage chair for a rest room?

To optimize the virtues of a calm space, it is necessary to think carefully about its layout as a whole. Thus, the interior decoration of this relaxation room should be dominated by light and neutral tones, with soothing tones. Don’t overcrowd the space! The main idea is to create a zen atmosphere and a maximum of purity.

Repaint the walls white and choose a gray PVC floor or a whitewashed effect parquet. Go for a white or teak coffee table and arrange some tall green plants. Then place a relaxing chair in the center of the room, possibly with an aroma diffuser.

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