Maaji review- the latest whimsical, Colombia-inspired swimwear and resort wear

The Colombian brand Maaji offers swimsuits and beachwear for all women, emphasizing small breasts and generous breasts. The collections of Maaji swim girls are exotic, original and of quality.

Maaji uses only green materials for its swimsuits and will enchant you with its inventive prints and varied shapes.Founded in 2002, the Colombian brand Maaji specializing in high-end swimsuits and beachwear won in 2019 the Title of Designer of the Year 2019 awarded by Unique by Mode City. Distributed in 54 countries, Maaji swimsuits are inventive, sometimes reversible and entirely made with recycled materials! Opt for the eco responsible jersey!

Since 2002, Maaji has been dedicated to the design and production of whimsical and luxurious pieces. Influenced by their Colombian roots, co-owners and sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra pursued their dream of creating a brand that will enchant us with its unique inventiveness.

The Maaji difference

Sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, influenced by their family of entrepreneurs, wanted to create a brand of their own, one that was artistic, enjoyable, and contributed to the social development of the place they have always called home, Colombia. Maaji was born out of this desire in 2002, and the brand has since been working to embody these objectives.

Unique designs

It’s so fun going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. This carefree, whimsical feeling in their suits is evoked by Maaji. For each set, an in-house creative team dreams up themes which inspire the eclectic patterns and designs. The cuts of Maaji are far from the usual triangle or bandeau bikini tops, with each suit complemented by cute little details such as belts, cutouts, and ties with a distinctive silhouette.

Then there is the reversible element, of course, this is one of the suit’s greatest draws. You’ll get two exclusive patterns or colors if you want a one-piece. Your choices are much wider if you want a bikini. For a mixture of four distinct styles, you can mix and match the top and bottom. You can also wear any of the two pieces from front to back or vice versa, giving you even more variety.


You’ll notice an immense variety of prices when it comes to shopping for bathing suits. It is difficult to tell, given the breadth, whether there really is an average price. Most tops and bottoms cost around $ 60 at Maaji, while most one-pieces are about $ 150. That is certainly more than you will pay for Aerie’s suit, but close to what you would pay for Andie’s suit. The price seems rational, given that everything is reversible and you get two (or more) suits for the cost of one.

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Social impact

Maaji is committed to doing more for individuals and the community. One of the sustainability brand projects is ‘Planting an Ocean of Trees.’ In order to protect local watersheds in Colombia, this non-profit initiative has already planted thousands of trees, and it plans to do more. It only makes sense, as a swimwear company, that Maaji also participates in beach cleanups and other efforts to protect our seas. On a journey to become strong corporate citizens, Maaji is also committed to supporting its society by having a meaningful social impact. In the past, they have done things like donating innovation booster kits to local children, packed with art and school supplies.



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