Luxilon ALU Power 18 (1.15) 660′ Reel Tennis String Reels Holabird Sports discount


The Luxilon ALU Power 18 strings are the most popular option on the professional tour. These extremely durable strings resist movement to generate more power and optimum spin with every swing. If you want to play like the pros, then try the Luxilon ALU Power 18 and swing away! Durability: 7.5 Power: 10 Control: 9 Comfort: 9.5 Luxilon recommends lowering tension at least 10%..


Holabird Sports is a family-owned and operated running and racquet sports specialty company located just 20 minutes from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor! They are local sports enthusiasts, runners, tennis players of all levels, trained teaching pros, Master Racquet Technicians, Senior Olympians, collegiate athletes, marathoners, squash and racquetball players, and so much more.

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