Longer RAY5: the first laser engraver with WiFi and touchscreen, on sale at €300!

Longer, well known in the field of 3D printing, returns this time with a slightly different product, since it is a laser engraver: the Longer RAY5. However, the manufacturer has just given a facelift to this type of device, by giving it the benefit of advances in 3D printers: not only is this product capable of engraving on different materials and even of cutting them using a laser but, thanks to the integrated WiFi module and the presence of a slot for microSD, it will be able to work completely independently of a computer. A touch screen also makes it possible to control the whole machine very precisely.

Discovery of the Longer Ray5

The most distinctive feature of the Longer RAY5 is the control panel. Generally, to use a laser engraver, the machine must always be smart health connected to the computer and the management software: however, thanks to the large touch screen and the integration of the WiFi module and a memory card reader, this constraint is completely absent in the Longer RAY5.

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In short, just transfer the GCode file by WiFi or save it to a microSD, then start processing it directly on the burner. This is a big step forward in terms of ease of use!

Images on the screen are easy to read, even with green goggles. The icons are practically self-explanatory and during the engraving process it is possible to adjust the speed and power of the laser. The ability to adjust the settings while burning is a godsend that will save you all the trying sessions to find the perfect settings.

Everything is managed by an LGT RAY V1.2 control card, which works with two cores in order to manage the wireless connection and perform the calculations necessary for burning without any problem.

The 5.5 watt laser module is able to guarantee excellent performance thanks to a particularly narrow light spot centered in the focal point: the company specifies a square base surface of 0.08 x 0.08 mm. Then there is a cooling fan which is always active when the engraver is on and is capable of working on a wide choice of materials.

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It can engrave paper, cardboard, plastics, circuit boards, aluminum oxide, anti-reflective plating surfaces, etc., while it can cut cardboard, non-woven fabric, thin sheets, acrylic and some plastic sheets (provided they are not too thick).

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Safety first

This Longer Ray5 has many safety systems to avoid any accident:

  • Move protection: When the engraving machine is strongly moved, ray5 can detect it and stop working automatically, as well as issue a warning sound.
  • No-movement protection: Ray5 can automatically recognize and stop working while providing alarm when the laser head is motionless for 5 seconds.
  • Heat protection: When the carving material is on fire, the ray5 recognizes it and automatically stops working. It also sounds an alarm to keep you alert.
  • Emergency stop button: To stop the engraving machine in an emergency, press the power button.
  • Eye protection: The laser module of ray5 is equipped with an acrylic cover which can shield 99% of the laser and protect the eyes.

The Longer Ray 5 at the best price

The Longer RAY5 normally retails for $399, but thanks to code RAY5$10OFF you will be able buy it with a discount of 329 dollars, or about 300 euros (according to the current exchange rate). For handymen and DIY enthusiasts, this is a more than fair price for a product that can guarantee excellent quality, enriched with features that cannot be found in other models, such as the presence of a WiFi module or the screen tactile.

Longer RAY5: the first laser engraver with WiFi and touchscreen, on sale at €300!

Longer RAY5: the first laser engraver with WiFi and touchscreen, on sale at €300!

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