Does this Airinum 2021 Reusable Mask provide better protection?Lite Air Mask review

The Swedish firm, known for its anti-pollution Urban mask, is now marketing a new product that is more affordable and more suited to the health context. The Lite Air Mask indeed abandons the characteristic valves of its predecessor for provide better efficacy against covid19.

Notice: What is the Lite Air Mask worth?

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Unboxing: the contents of the box

The Lite Air Mask is available on the site for around forty dollars. The mask is supplied with two air filters with the same technologies as the Urban Air Mask. Each of them has a lifespan of approximately one hundred hours (100h). However, Airinum recommends changing it every two weeks or so. The brand’s website obviously allows you to renew your stock of filters once empty. Count almost 22 dollars for a pack of three. The box also contains a small useful headclip to tighten the mask if necessary.

A comfortable filter mask

Airinum designed it in mesh, a light and breathable textile used in particular for sportswear. Apparently thicker than a surgical mask, this difference is not felt once the product is on the nose. The breathing is done without problem despite the presence of a filter. This one does not come besides to embarrass her with an unpleasant contact. The mask is tight and gives the impression of isolating his breathing from the outside. For it, the filter contains a nose clip covered with a memory foam which allows the mask to be correctly attached to the face. This foam may feel a bit heavy while wearing for those who are not used to it. The attachment points at the ears are thin and elastic enough that you don’t have to worry about breaking when placing them. As for the headclip, it is used to tighten the mask and release the tension on the ears if necessary.

airinum black reusable mask reviews

Design goes everywhere

Airinum offers 5 colors for the Lite Air Mask: Black, Gray, Dark Blue, Pink and White. In addition, there are 4 different sizes adapted to a respective weight category. Two other colors intended for children are also available, either in XS or in S. The color of the elastic parts is not exactly the same as on the other parts of the mask because the material differs. The appearance remains sober and hugs the face without going out too much compared to the clothes. However, we notice the small Swedish flag on the left part of the mask. As for the Airinum logo, it is visible on the right side.

airinum lite air color design

Effective protection for this new mask

Airinum has its own technology concerning the filter of the the Lite Air Mask. Composed of five layers, it blocks almost 98% of particles down to three microns. This is the case with bacteria, for example. The mask has the KN95 standard, the Chinese certification which guarantees a filtration rate greater than or equal to 95%. Having this rate allows it to enter the UNS1 category. This corresponds to the masks recommended by the State to protect against the Virus. Conversely, models in more artisanal fabrics without filters are considered as UNS2. Airinum has also obtained BFE and VFE certifications which guarantee a filtration rate of 99% for viruses and bacteria. Finally, the mask always provides protection against polluting particles with the presence of PM0.3 and PM2.5 standards.

Find out more about the Airinum company

Created in 2014, the Swedish firm behind the slogan “Each breath count” has made the antipollution mask its spearhead. Its creators want to provide the public with a product with the best possible construction for healthy air. In a few years, the first Airinum M90 mask made a name for itself. In 2018, the brand developed its offer with several limited editions and won an International Design Award in the “Fashion design” category. Building on this success Airinum launched the Urban air Mask 2.0 in November 2018, a revamped and improved version of the first. Still on sale, it is available for $ 75 or around 61 dollars. The product is part of a large range of reusable masks on which we have carried out a comparison.

The brand’s other product, Urban Air Mask, is not quite suitable for Covid

urban air mask 2 versus lite air  airinum

The design of this mask indeed predates the pandemic. It remains KN95 certified, which means that it has a filtration rate corresponding to ≥ 95% for particles with a size of 3 microns. This certification is equivalent to the European standard FFP2 which requires a rate ≥ 94%. However, the ventilation system with valves poses a problem. While effective in facilitating the expiration of its user while ensuring healthy inhalation, it does not completely filter this first step. A person positive for Covid19 therefore risks infecting others even while wearing this mask. Airinum now supplies caps to block the valves and thus adapt their product to the situation.

“First, we want to point out that a large majority of the air you breathe out is purified by the filter. This also hinders the spread of droplets in the air. Second, the exhalation valves are specifically designed not to spread air horizontally. It is a logic similar to surgical masks. However, despite these two points we cannot guarantee that your exhalations do not reach the people around you. “

Lite air mask versus Urban Air Mask

Should you buy the Airinum Lite Air Mask?

Is the Lite Air Mask suitable for sports?

Although breathing remains rather easy with this mask, Airinum does not recommend performing intense physical activity with it. Most sports unfortunately fall within this category.

Where are Airinum masks made?

Of Swedish origin, the firm designed them in the country to then be manufactured and produced in China. The same goes for the filters, which explains the presence of the Chinese KN95 certification on them.

Are Airinum filters reusable?

They use both mechanical and static technologies. Wetting the filter will result in a significant drop in the efficiency of the static filtering. It is difficult to wash it and therefore to reuse it.

filter layer covid mask airninum

Why do filters have multiple layers?

These are not all the same. Among them, an active carbon filter which notably reduces the strength of odors and two electrically charged filters. The first is used to filter pollen and large pollutant particles. The second is intended for smaller polluting particles, dust and bacteria. For its part, the layer closest to the face is covered by a material softer for the skin.

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Very good reusable mask

More accessible than its predecessor, the Lite Air Mask respects its promises of comfort and lightness while guaranteeing a high filtration rate for most of the particles in the air. The absence of valves also allows it to provide better protection than the Urban Air Mask 2.0 for people around the wearer. The thick foam around the nose, however, requires a short adaptation time.

  • Comfort
  • A light mask
  • A style goes everywhere
  • Easily adjustable
  • Almost total protection against particles
  • More comfortable to wear than surgical masks
  • The lessers
  • The price of filters
  • The absence of a cover to store it
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