Liminal VR: VR meditation to regulate emotions

We will introduce you a smart health device using VR to regulate emotions.Australian start-ups in the Tech: the project The head in Bottoms draws you today the portrait of Liminal VR, a start-up who wishes to transcend the experiences of meditation thanks to the virtual reality.

Founded in August 2014 by Damian Moratti, Liminal VR develops virtual reality meditation experiences.


The experiences are 360 ​​° interactive videos, offered on a proprietary content platform. By immersing himself in the experiences of meditations, the users can regulate their emotions.

For the moment, the experiences are grouped in three categories, according to the objective of meditation expressed by the user: to calm oneself, to be positive, to recharge oneself in energy.

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, users will be able to access the proposed experiments on the content platform.

Imagine, for example, in the middle of a hard day’s work, strolling over the clouds for 10 minutes on a relax music … all while interacting with the colorful soap bubbles that pass by you!

Liminal VR has studied for the last two years the dimensions put forward by virtual reality that can regulate human emotion.

Thus, Liminal VR manages to convey different emotions to users by playing on colors, components, shapes, sound, animations, interactivity and use of 3D space.

Damian Moratti explained the disruptive revolution of immersion offered by virtual reality:

“Unlike all that exists today, virtual reality offers complete immersion in a parallel universe. We have learned to master the rules of this universe to control the emotion felt by its visitors.

By mastering all these rules – visual or sound – Liminal VR develops meditation experiences that regulate the emotions of users in three categories: to calm down, to be positive, to revitalize in energy.

Liminal-VR Colour-Emotion smart health 智慧健康设备Liminal VR : a virtual reality content platform

Distributed free of charge on a content platform, experiences will be rated and ranked by users. Liminal VR is currently looking for virtual reality content developers to create more experiences for the platform.

Neither the terms of release of the content platform nor the business model of the startup are yet shared. According to some clues unveiled by Damian Moratti, we believe that the free content will be offset by the use of the best-rated meditation experiences to ensure the profitability of the company.
For example, Liminal VR could make its business profitable through partnerships with third-party professional parties (meditation clubs, welfare associations at work, etc.).

Analysis – upside down

The use of virtual reality to regulate human emotions is an innovative research topic. By offering immersive meditation experiences, Liminal VR stands out from its competitors, developers of virtual reality content.

It will not be easy to impose a platform for content distribution at a time when the content made available to each individual explodes in all its forms. However, we believe that Liminal VR can build a reputation through partnerships for B2B2C opportunities. For example, hospitals, meditation clubs, wellness associations might be interested in spreading these immersive experiences.

Liminal VR, however, comes up against the technical limitations of virtual reality technology: the quality of the content made available. We believe that with the upcoming enhancement of the user experience offered by virtual reality headsets, the impact of Liminal VR’s meditation experiences will only be greater.

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Liminal VR: VR meditation to regulate emotions
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