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Theragun massager are increasingly popular with many athletes, physiotherapists, orthopedics and other ordinary people with various pain. Because they can reduce pain, accelerate recovery, and increase activity. But is it reasonable to spend $300 on something that looks like a big bit and is almost as noisy? For me, the answer must be yes, and I’ll tell you why.

What is theragun massage gun?

Theragun, a company founded by Dr. Jason wersland, has a story that reminds us of alltricks!

After a motorcycle accident, Dr. Jason wersland sought a way to help him overcome his daily pain. As a chiropractor, he decided to create theragun, with the only aim of helping people feel like they are in the best condition.

Theragun allows the body muscles to be impacted at high speed (2400 pulses per minute) with a force of about 30 kg. The purpose of impact therapy is to massage soft tissue, thereby reducing muscle pain and improving motor ability.

If you have previously done self massage, massage the fascia with a roll back roller to increase the blood flow and temperature in the treatment area, thereby reducing muscle inflammation, releasing muscle tension and breaking any possible muscle node.

In addition, by moistening, relaxing and relaxing fascia, it can theoretically improve its flexibility and mobility.

Today, theragun is considered the best massage gun in the g3pro market, and theragun is redoubling its efforts to keep the market leading.

Design: perfect Ergonomics

Theragun massage guns are made to allow your hands to rest on objects naturally. The buttons are intuitive, and the ergonomics of the wrist allows you to reach the most difficult parts of our body (back and legs). Thanks to its triangular design and light weight, you can hold the theragun pistol in one hand. For the pro version, the arm can even be adjusted, making it easier to deal with inaccessible areas.

Function and utility

The Theragun massage gun uses the vibration / tingling of the machine to relax the muscles. The vibration of the gun helps to speed up the recovery after anti tendinitis, muscle tension or sports injury, so as to increase blood circulation. It is used before, during and after muscle movement.

Before exercise, an analgesic action: it will wake up muscles, sciatic muscles, quadriceps femoris, calf, back, arm. Note that even if you use a massage gun, you must warm up before exercise.

After exercise, it can damage scar tissue: it will help muscle recovery, reduce injuries and muscle tension, and thus promote your progress. You can improve your flexibility and eliminate muscle knots.

Don’t forget that theragun massage gun is also an indispensable tool for daily stress management. In fact, a massage gun is a bit like a masseuse. You can use a pistol in your daily life to relax and relax.

What does science say?

I found that only one study has shown that vibration therapy is valuable in reducing pain (DOMS).

On the other hand, self massage for fascia has a better record, but since the principles are generally the same, it can be considered that its benefits are the same. You can look at this scientific literature review.

More important than science, however, is a large body of consistent evidence that theragun is effective. Whether they are athletes seeking rehabilitation, patients with plantar fasciitis or arthritis, healthcare professionals (osteo, kine é) or weekend warriors seeking health, all those who have tried this method praise its advantages. 

How to use theragun massage gun?

Before exercise: during training, set aside 30 seconds for each muscle group.

After exercise: 1 minute for each muscle. If your muscle is still congested and in the most tense position, it will be longer.

Between treatments: 1 minute for each muscle group. Repeat: once a day.

For small wounds and tendinitis: 2 minutes per tension point, repeated at least twice a day. Keep the blood circulating well.

My experience with Theragun massager

Reduce my bending

Motivation: I train almost every day (see my training plan), so recovery is as important as training.

Treatment plan: work one muscle for one minute every day and the next day.

Result: as far as feeling is concerned, it feels good. You will immediately feel more flexible and flexible. There is no doubt that the bending is reduced, especially those affecting the back chain.

Efficiency: 7 / 10

Avoid injury

Motivation: like other athletes, I get hurt sometimes. Like all athletes, I hate not being able to train because of injuries. So the best solution is to avoid them. To achieve this, there is only one slogan: warm up.

Protocol: each muscle is warmed up for 30 seconds between each exercise.

Results: the muscles and blood vessels developed, tendons relaxed, joints “warm.”. I have a weakness in my left elbow, which hinders my triceps movement. Theragun is enough to restore my full range of motion and avoid pain. Between exercises, it helps blood circulation, thereby reducing blood blockage and promoting exercise, especially curly hair.

Efficiency: 9 / 10

To disconnect a point trigger

Motivation: after a day’s work, I sit in front of my computer and even pay attention to my posture. I often get up and sometimes have painful knots on my back.

Program: from the trapezius to the lumbar spine, then to the hip and sciatic, full back massage.

Results: massage can reduce the pain and limitation caused by contracture. I went straight back to my normal range of motion, but some of the pain was still there. Acupoint pad is a good supplement to this application.

Efficiency: 7 / 10

Treating pain

Motivation: even if you keep warm-up and exercise quality, you may get hurt. Therefore, it is particularly attractive to have a simple, practical and effective tool to treat yourself.

Protocol: massage the pain area and possible muscles every day for 1 minute.

Results: I had the opportunity to experience three different kinds of pain (one under the sole of the foot, one in the front of the right tibia, and one in the left elbow). Every time, I massage this area every day, and every time the pain goes away quickly. Therefore, in my opinion, the effectiveness of Se application is beyond doubt

Efficiency: 10 / 10

Improve my mobility

Motivation: I have good shoulder mobility, but poor back chain mobility, especially in the very stiff ischium. So for months, I’ve been trying to relax them by stretching every day, but there’s no obvious improvement.

Protocol: massage the tension area for 1 minute before stretching.

Result: at first, I thought it worked well because I immediately increased the amplitude. However, the benefits are temporary and I don’t see any lasting improvement in my flexibility. The use of theragun still helps to relax certain areas before specific exercises in which activity may be a limiting factor. I also believe that if it is not developed, it can help maintain flexibility.

Efficiency: 4 / 10

If you use theragun and you have time to share your feedback, I’d like to know what comments it brings to you!

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Theragun massage gun is not only suitable for athletes, but also for those who want to relieve tendinitis or tense muscles. It is a tool for muscle recovery and relaxation, which can make you warm up better, recover more easily after exercise, prevent muscle injury and relieve tendinitis.

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