Complete Review of iRobot Braava Jet 240 for smart home health innovation

It is now almost 20 years since the history of robot vacuums began. However, the market developed particularly in 2009 with Roomba from the American company iRobot. Since then, domestic robots have evolved and the brand recently launched its Braava Jet. Rather intended for the kitchen or the bathroom, it is a smart health connected floor-washing robot that the editorial team took in hand to present its Review to you.

Mark : iRobot
Category: Floor mopping robot
Connection: Bluetooth
Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: € 249
Availability: Available
Tested with: iPhone 5s

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IRobot Braava Jet Unboxing

First, the robot washer comes in a thick carton decorated with white, green and blue. On the front, we find the image of the famous Braava Jet. On the edges, there are instructions for use with small illustrations to accompany them. On the back, it displays characteristics and functionalities which we will detail below.

The box simply opens from above and reveals the Braava Jet comfortably installed in its custom cardboard support. On the side, is slipped another small cardboard box. It contains 3 pairs of wipes of different colors as well as a white charger. Just below, the bottom of the box houses a small removable battery.

braava jet open

Finally, the packaging contains the classic warranty booklet and the owner’s guide. All in green, it gives very practical information and, luckily, in several languages. In terms of ergonomics, the packaging is quite successful, the space is used correctly. In seconds, it’s easy to put everything back in place.

IRobot Braava Jet design and ergonomics

The iRobot Braava Jet is square in shape with sides of 17 centimeters and a height of 80 millimeters. It will easily sneak into your cupboard under the sink between the various brushes and dishwasher tabs. Its light weight of 1.2 kg allows adults and children alike to be able to move and store it almost anywhere.

braava jet design

The washing machine has a sober design, all dressed in white with a few shades of turquoise blue. The top of the device accommodates a single round On / Off button with the inscription CLEAN. Slightly above, the iRobot brand makes a discreet appearance.

Still on top of the Braava Jet, a handle is perfectly integrated and invisible when folded down. Its blue inner part conceals a button and a stopper with the symbol of a drop. As you can see, this is the water tank. The button releases the cleaning wipe.

braava jet battery

The front of the Braava Jet has only a nozzle which, we will detail later, allows to spray water. This part of the robot is not fixed, it will vibrate from left to right to ensure better cleaning. The rear side houses a port to house the removable gray and blue battery.

Finally, the design of the Braava Jet is rather simple but well thought out. Its small size will allow it to pass through narrow spaces and store it everywhere.

Implementation of iRobot’s Braava Jet

To get started, we flip through the user guide provided in the package. This instructs the user to place the battery in the charger and plug it into a wall outlet. An indicator light then lights up in orange and will turn green to indicate that the charging is finished. The removable battery is then detached from its charger to be placed in the dedicated support on the Braava Jet.

braava jet recharge

This system is pleasant, not forcing the entire device to remain attached to a wall. In addition, it limits the contact between water and electricity. For the impatient for whom cleaning can no longer wait, iRobot sells additional accessories. On the brand’s website, the charger and its battery are available at $ 50. Its autonomy is approximately 60 minutes for a two-hour recharge.

IRobot Braava Jet wipes

Once the battery is in place, a cleaning cloth must be inserted on the bottom of the device. Of course, the Braava Jet only works with wipes from the American brand. Wipes provide optimal performance on smooth and hard surfaces and adapt less well to uneven and rough floors that can hang on the wipes. They slide into the rail from both sides. Attention, do not place the one of your favorite color, each wipe has a very specific use. Three colors are present in the packaging.

braava jet wipes

The blue ones are intended for wet washing in three passes, similar to manual action. It can be done on most floors such as parquet or tiles. Braava Jet sprays water before back and forth to the same place. The wipes contain a cleaning product which activates on contact with the liquid and the robot head vibrates to remove stains. Of course, this cleaning method requires first filling the tank with lukewarm water.

The orange wipes are intended for wet sweeping to clean daily dust and dirt. As with blue wipes, these contain a water-activated cleaning agent and leave a clean odor. The last wipes, the white ones, are used for dry sweeping. This mode captures dust, dirt and hair. It is recommended for hardwood, tile and stone.

braava jet blue wipe

Finally, some wipes are reusable up to 50 times but do not contain any detergent. They can be washed by hand or machine. They are sold by box of 2 wipes on the iRobot site for 20 €. Those for single use are available in groups of ten for € 10.

Use of Irobot’s Braava Jet

For all three modes, the robot automatically detects them from the wipe. This system is well thought out and limits orders and handling. Triggering the Braava Jet could not be simpler, just place the robot in a corner of the room about 30 centimeters from the first obstacles. A first press of the CLEAN button turns on the Braava Jet and a second starts the cleaning mode. Be careful not to move or lift the robot, otherwise the current cycle will be interrupted.

braava jet virtual mode

The Braava Jet also has a Virtual Wall mode which creates an invisible barrier to prevent the robot from cleaning a part of the room or a different type of floor. To activate this mode, the robot must be powered off. Be careful to position it well, since the invisible line is created in alignment with the back of the robot. Then press the CLEAN button and keep it pressed until two blue lines appear (check). They indicate that the Virtual Wall mode is engaged. This is automatically deactivated when the job is finished.

Unlike some iRobot devices, the Braava Jet moves without any installation. For example, the Braava 380 comes with the little NorthStar cube that helps it find its way in space. The Braava Jet is quiet even if the vibration of the wipe and the spray of water increase the sound volume. It remains very discreet and can function very well during the family’s sleep.

braava water jet

The tank should only be filled with water. It is covered with a grid and lime should not enter the projection system. If all the water has not been used at the end of a wash or wet sweep cycle, it is best to empty it to avoid stagnation. As the emptying is not particularly planned, the robot must therefore be turned over and shaken. With its light weight, it is possible but not very practical.

On the contrary, if all the water has been used, the Braava Jet continues its journey when it is no longer able to vaporize. It just propels air instead of liquid. It is unfortunate that no alert alerts the user that the tank is empty. However, the wipe quickly becomes soaked.

braava jet trash can

Once cleaning is complete, the Braava Jet returns to its starting point, turns off and rings. To eject the wipe, simply press the blue button hidden by the robot handle. By placing it above a bin, this system prevents direct contact with dirt. Cleaning the Braava Jet is rudimentary. A simple damp cloth will be enough to rub the vacuum sensors and the robot’s wheels.

Irobot’s Braava Jet facing obstacles

For obstacles, the Braava Jet is doing quite well despite its tendency to collide with walls or furniture. Rest assured, the shock is weak and the robot immediately turns around. On the other hand, obstacles like the legs of chairs or tables do not pose a problem to him, he goes around them with care.

As for the carpets, the Braava Jet detects them. Depending on their thickness, he can either consider them as obstacles or try to climb on them. Ditto for door thresholds. If they are fine, the robot insists without crossing them. Note that in all situations, the robot never got stuck and always ends up freeing itself.

The Braava Jet has a pair of vacuum sensors at the front and rear, preventing it from sinking into the abyss. It is able to orient itself in a room without lighting as well as in a bright room. Practical since it is intended for rooms that do not always have a window.

Efficiency of iRobot’s Braava Jet

Now let’s move on to what interests us all, can the robot correctly perform its mission for us? Overall, the Braava Jet is doing pretty well, it does not offer just a simple wiping of the floors. The wipe vibrates, causing friction to facilitate the removal of stains.

The Braava Jet is effective. It does not leave traces on the ground and collects stains well. On a tiled floor, a little water remains in the joints, but nothing too alarming, everything dries quickly. The coverage of the surfaces is very good, it goes everywhere and effectively manages the corners of the walls. Wet washing modes (blue and orange wipes) leave a “clean” smell.

braava jet dirty wipe

For wet modes, the Braava Jet does not spray water on furniture or walls. He always makes sure that he operates on a clear portion of soil. In addition, the robot also moves to the sides to wash the entire area. The trajectory of the Braava Jet is a little different depending on whether it is sailing in sweep or in wash / wet sweep mode as shown in the image below.

braava jet navigation

The additional movements of the wet modes surely explain that with their operation, the Braava Jet cleans smaller surfaces. iRobot announces approximately 20 m² coverage versus 25 m² in dry sweeping. Its use is intended for small rooms. If the user gives it too large a surface, the robot will not complete a complete cycle. In this situation, we recommend that you use the Virtual Wall mode mentioned above.

It must be remembered that the robot is not a vacuum cleaner, it is therefore preferable to pass it before or to use the dry scanning mode. But, with its autonomy of 60 minutes, there will be no more time for washing, which is its main function. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, the editorial staff has tested the Dyson 360 Eye.

IRobot health home app

The iRobot application is available for free on iOS and Android and is common with the Roomba 900 series. The configuration is very simple, just activate the Bluetooth of the smartphone for the application to search for a nearby Braava Jet. A tutorial automatically starts to introduce the application. At the top of the screen, on each side, is the battery meter and the menu, which only offers to add a robot and access the store.

In the center, the CLEAN button offers the same functionality as its counterpart on the top of the robot. On its left and right, LEDs light up in blue after pressing to indicate the activation of Virtual Wall mode. Just below the button, the drop informs the user of the cleaning mode used by the Braava Jet.

Finally, three icons are arranged at the bottom of your smartphone screen. Starting from left to right, the first offers direct access to the shop. The second, in the form of a target, initiates targeted cleaning. The robot repeatedly treats an area 1 meter long by 50 centimeters wide before returning to its starting point. The third and last icon redirects to the help and the parameters which allow to choose the quantity of water that the robot sprays for each mode.

Finally, apart from targeted cleaning, all the functionality of the application is available on the Braava Jet itself. The advantage of connectivity could then be found in the possibility of activating the robot remotely. However, the Bluetooth connection forces the user to stand nearby. It’s a deliberate choice of iRobot due to safety reasons, the robot working with water.


The Braava Jet could do without an application, especially since it does not offer many possibilities. In addition, no alert indicates that the water tank is empty and for the battery, it is only a red “attention” icon which appears without giving details.

Against competition

The iRobot Braava Jet is available for $ 199 on the iRobot site but count between 40 and 50 € extra to get it in France. In the same price range is the MONEUAL Everybot which has similar functions but with rotary movements. It has more modes of movement than the Braava Jet but is not associated with a dedicated application. There is little competition in floor cleaners at this price and even less which are smart health connected.

Best price


Good points

  • Easy to use
  • Rather effective

Negative points

  • Only small areas
  • Limited application
  • Purchase of additional wipes


Design and ergonomics: Small and practical
Features: Effective
Application: Lack of functionality
Value for money: Interesting for this type of product


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