Instabeat displays heart rate on your swimming goggles , smart health device review

Instabeat displays heart rate on your existing swimming goggles and allows you to improve your swimming performance.

Date of last modification: July 24, 2019

Instabeat displays heart rate on your swimming goggles

After discovering the Form smart health connected swimming goggles with augmented reality display. Here is a novelty, for amateur or professional swimmers. With the Instabeat you add a module to your existing swimming goggles to display your heart rate in water. No need to wear a watch, bracelet or chest strap.

Founded by swimmer and engineer Hind Hobeika, Instabeat was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 2011 and is based in San Francisco. Instabeat has raised a total of $ 6 million.

Instabeat price notice top design functionalities

The projects were previously the subject of crowdfunding campaigns. But, here is finally the official marketing of their new product.

Instabeat design

The device is a portable system that clips onto the side of your existing swimming goggles.

It incorporates a optical heart rate sensor (HR) and a motion sensor. The special feature of the device is the display of a small color indicator at the bottom right of your glass wheredisplays your current heart rate zone.

A technological feat to manage display in water and adapt to the different forms of existing swimming goggles. But also, the choice of materials and design to withstand the aggressiveness of salt or chlorine.

To ensure the comfort of the HR sensor and its adaptation to the different shapes of faces and glasses, Instabeat used more than 250 testers. The final version thus adapts to almost all forms of swimming goggles and body shapes.

Instabeat features

What are the advantages of using Instabeat on your swimming goggles?

  • View the most critical measurement for a swimmer in real time. The level of the heart rate being difficult to give by your trainer or impractical to read on your wrist.
  • Improve your performance. Through the use of real-time display to adjust your pace by knowing the real state of your heart.
  • Increased motivation during and after exercise. You see green, accelerate! After training, analyze your data to make you want to surpass yourself during the next session
  • Better recovery : Wait until blue again before starting a new race.

Live monitoring of your heart rate for effective training

The light system shows you with color one of the 3 heart rate zones in real time.

  • Blue for a relaxing activity with little effort
  • Green to work on your cardio
  • Red for maximum performance

Instabeat use in water

So just look at the color changes on the screen of your swim goggles to adjust your effort. You should be able to improve your training and performance, especially over long distances. In addition, you will be able to optimize your recovery periods during shorter sprint sessions.

Analysis of your results after your swim

Once you've finished your swimming session, sync your Instabeat with the smartphone app. Then you will be able to consult all your activity tracking data:

The mobile app dashboard displays detailed training analyzes, including your, distance, number of laps, stroke recognition, and interval analysis.

  • Your heart rate curve
  • speed per 100 m,
  • the number of lengths
  • time by length,
  • the total distance,
  • your active time and rest time,
  • the type of swim for each length thanks to the integrated movement sensors.

Instabeat App heart rate curve swimming

Instabeat also introduces its own proprietary metric called BEATS, which measures the total effort of your workout regardless of time or distance. This overview is designed to give you a baseline that will make it easier for you to compare your workouts.
Lots of time to come

Connectivity and reliability

A weak point, because for the moment the Instabeat can only be associated with Apple IOS devices (iPhone or iPad). However, the version of the app for Android should arrive soon.

The accuracy of the heart rate sensor compared to a Garmin chest belt and collected data for our automatic motion detection data which is displayed on the app after training. "

Price and availability Instabeat swim goggles

The Instabeat HR sensor with display on your swimming goggles is sold for $ 249, to which must be added $ 30 of shipping costs for France. A total of $ 279, plus the exchange fees charged by your bank.

Overall it still comes down to € 265.

First Instabeat Review

Choosing a device that fits over existing swimming goggles is a pretty good idea. Because, if Form glasses are cheaper to buy, the risk of leakage or fogging after a few months of use may require changing them.However, I find the introductory price of $ 249 high enough for the features offered. Form Swim Goggles offer more for less.

A choice that will therefore be made according to your habit with your existing glasses or not.


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