INSMART body analyzer scale Review

Summary of the intelligent INSMART bathroom scale at a glance-Insmart smart scale review

The INSMART bathroom scale works via minimal current impulses that only pose a risk to children, pregnant women or people with pacemakers. Otherwise, they are harmless and determine the values ​​mentioned for the body analysis via an impulse through the legs. Other models with additional measuring components for the hands provide more precise measurements.

Advantages of INSMART body analysis scales Disadvantages of the INSMART body analyzer scale
Easy setup and use Due to minimal impulses over the legs imprecise
Measures 13 different body values Is not suitable for high-risk individuals
Practical diagrams and analysis via app Current pulse cannot be switched off
24 user profiles can be created via app
Three units of measure (kg, lb, st)
Compatible with Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health

High-precision smart Bluetooth scales analyze 13 fitness values, such as body fat, muscle mass, protein, and much more.

INSMART body analyzer scale – design of the Bluetooth-enabled fitness component

The INSMART scale is similar to a conventional bathroom scale. The top is made of glass and the pulse diodes are circular in the direction of the rounded corners. The display shows the data in red letters and is easy to read and large for users. On the lower side is the battery compartment, as well as the UNIT button, with which the user can select the desired unit of measurement. Four non-slip feet complete the design and guarantee a firm grip.

INSMART – functions of the digital body analyzer scale at a glance

If the INSMART body analyzer scale is not smart health connected to the app, it only shows the weight. Thanks to the Fitdays app (Android | iOS) On a smartphone or tablet, users receive up to 13 analysis data. This helps you to achieve your own sporting goals. The individual values ​​are:

  • Weight: The body weight, which is also determined with a conventional scale
  • BMI: Body Mass Index – relation between height and weight
  • body fat: Fat accumulated in relation to total body weight
  • fat Free body weight: The value without accumulated fat
  • Subcutaneous fat: Lower layer of the skin, coat of adipose tissue
  • visceral fat: Fat stored in the stomach, envelops the internal organs such as the digestive system
  • body water: Proportion of water in the body
  • skeletal muscle: Part of the muscles that z. B. is responsible for the movement of the arms and legs
  • muscle mass: Proportion of pure muscles in the body
  • bone mass: Bone share of total weight
  • proteins: Protein content in the body
  • BMR: Basal metabolic rate – basic amount of energy per day that the body needs at rest
  • Metabolic Age: Indication of fitness level, may differ from the actual age

The imperceptible impulses of the INSMART scales are sent from the round surfaces

(INSMART / Amazon)

The body analysis with the INSMART bathroom scale works via minimal and imperceptible current impulses. Therefore, users should stand on the scales without socks or shoes. The values ​​can fluctuate somewhat in their accuracy. This is because the impulses only go through the legs. More precise measurements allow more professional scales in the more expensive segment or at the doctor or in the gym. Those offer an additional hand measurement. In the price range of the INSMART Bluetooth scale, however, the variance of the measured values ​​is completely okay in our opinion. Nevertheless, it serves users with solid results and provides a tendency for their own success monitoring.

Attention: Pregnant women, children and people with pacemakers should not use the INSMART bathroom scale due to the minimal electric shocks.

  • Create user profiles: With the Fitdays app can create up to 24 user profiles
  • Success control via the app: Users can track personal success and the progress of the results via the app. Practical and clear diagrams show the values ​​over past weeks and months.
  • Different units of measurement: At the request of the user, the intelligent INSMART bathroom scale displays the measured values ​​in kilograms, stones or pounds.

INSMART body analyzer scale – quick and easy setup

With the Fitdays app, users receive a precise body analysis and transparency of their own goals

With the Fitdays app, users receive a precise body analysis and transparency of their own goals


Users must first insert the batteries included in the scope of delivery. The scale works best on hard and straight surfaces. Setup is done in just 3 steps:

  1. Fitdays app (Android | iOS) download if you don’t already have a user account
  2. Add the INSMART body analyzer scale via Bluetooth
  3. Place on the INSMART scale to measure body measurements

What is compatible with the INSMART bathroom scale

Users can combine the data collected in the Fitdays app with other fitness apps. These are: Fitbit, Apple Health and Google fit. This means that users receive all fitness data and can, for example, transparently recognize how positive they are. B. affects the evening jogging rounds on the success results.

Prices and availability of the INSMART body analyzer scale

High-precision smart Bluetooth scales analyze 13 fitness values, such as body fat, muscle mass, protein, and much more.

INSMART – Technical details of the body analyzer scale

  • colour: white or black
  • Dimensions: approx. 26 x 26 x 2.4 cm
  • Load max.: 180 kg
  • Compatible: Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit
  • display: digital display
  • battery: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • connection: Bluetooth 4.0
  • material: Glass (surface)
  • units: kg, lb, st
  • Personal data: App supports up to 24 user profiles



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