Top kitchen innovations: the 11 most innovative kitchen products in 2022

The cuisine is now available in the age of 2.0. There are a host of connected accessories that make it easier for us to prepare our meals. A brief overview of the 11 most innovative kitchen products & accessories that could well be essential in 2022.

This is an area of ​​the house where developments have remained marginal in recent years. The bedroom, living room or bathroom have seen a host of small connected or innovative accessories emerge. In the kitchen, this is a fundamental evolution that is gradually taking shape, especially in the area of ​​larger accessories such as connected refrigerators and freezers, but also kitchen scales. We have selected 10 innovative products for the kitchen that undoubtedly deserve your attention. It’s up to you to see if you will actually use them, however, their prices are often still quite high.

The 11 most innovative kitchen products

Thermomix: a multifunctional food processor for the kitchen

Last update was on: January 28, 2022 8:33 pm

Of course, the famous Thermomix completely revolutionized the concept. Think about it! The possibility of giving the keys to the kitchen to a robot who takes care of preparing the evening meal for you. If the Thermomix is ​​the ultimate, its price can also discourage those who do not necessarily want to spend more than 1,000 dollars for such a device. Instead, the model from the H. Koenig brand may well meet your needs. Whether you want to bake, simmer, sauté, grind or mix, it can do just about anything. The price can range from a few hundred to over $ 1,000 depending on which one you choose. 

Amzchef Juice Extractor: for breakfasts, brunches and snacks

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Last update was on: January 28, 2022 8:33 pm

Yes, we have decided to equip your kitchen with the best robots and utensils. And we always have a soft spot for those who encourage us to discover new culinary practices! Fruit and vegetable cocktails, with different textures and daring flavor mixes are now at your fingertips. Of course, let’s not be snobbish, it also works for a simple orange juice in the morning. In addition, its design is worked to modernize your kitchen. This material has been designed with a fine grind to preserve a maximum of nutrients, enzymes etc. Another small advantage: it does not make too much noise, since it does not reach 60 decibels. A reverse function is even available to help you clean your juice extractor. So there is really something to lead you to discover new flavors. In other words, you are the innovator!

Nanopresso, a promising nomadic coffee accessory

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Last update was on: January 28, 2022 8:33 pm

We will readily admit, few will be the people who will meet an essential need by procuring such a product. However, some innovations, before they find real utility, can pave the way for new ideas. This is for people who have a rather nomadic lifestyle, always on the move. This portable coffee machine with a design inspired by Bluetooth speakers is as handy as it is solid. As for its use, the first interesting point is that it is completely mechanical! This immediately removes the embarrassment of the power supply. A central button will activate a piston whose pressure will be used to prepare the drink. Its 80 ml capacity is however only suitable for one person, but accessories sold separately may increase its capacity. You can pour in ground coffee or insert a Nespresso capsule. In the other accessories that one would imagine well in a campsite, do not hesitate to consult our test Asmoke, the portable barbecue!

Homgeek blender: cook smooth preparations

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Here, we are less about innovation than about selecting the best. This remains important, since it remains realistic for the present, with little improvement required. So, to prepare your soups, your milkshakes, your lassis, your hummus, your gazpachios, your smoothies / smoothies bowls and other crushed ice cream, the Homgeek mixer will bring you its power and efficiency! The motor is designed to withstand prolonged use, and the blade is stainless. You have access to 8 speed levels. In terms of safety, you don’t risk overheating or opening the cover unexpectedly! We don’t really know what to ask for more …

Bosch Blender, accessory for soups, purees and smoothies

Last update was on: January 28, 2022 8:33 pm

Some people prefer hand blenders, or hand blenders to bulky blenders. So we looked for the best in this category, and our sights were set on the Bosch brand. Of course, you will not have the same ease of use as a blender for all preparations. However, this hand blender has 12 speeds, it is powerful yet quiet, and comes with a few accessories that make it even more versatile, namely a mixer, mixer and grinder. Once again, without having gone far in innovation, we can consider that with 50 € to spend, we reach a ceiling in terms of value for money that will find its place in any modern kitchen.

Wancle Vacuum Sealer

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This innovation would go particularly well with edible stretch film. Indeed, this would prolong even more the possibility of preserving its food. An excellent idea for those who practice “batch cooking”, cooking on Sundays and then being quiet all week, or even more with a preservation tool like this one. Another nice advantage is that the sous-vide saves you space, unlike bulky tupperware! It will go with any type of bag and has different modes depending on the ingredients. This is all very well, but if you do not force yourself to wash your bags, it will inevitably result in bad ecological effects since, for the moment, plastic bags are still used!

The Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser will brighten up your kitchen space

What we love about beer taps, beyond the fact that it’s almost a fantasy for many of us to be able to go about it like a real bartender, is that it’s a good way to avoid throwing cans or glass. Indeed, you can opt for returnable kegs with a number of popular brands of beers! The 6l capacity is very appreciable. It operates at a power of 70 watts for 3 ° C. Small flat, the beer takes between 12 and 15 hours to cool. It is therefore economical in the long term. In addition, you will have access to an interface with indications like the temperature and the volume of beer remaining!

Samsung smart kitchen oven

You put your dish in the oven, you adjust the temperature, the cooking method and then you check if everything is going well (spoiler: it often goes very well). This is how an oven works, basically. However, a connected model like that from Samsung will enhance your dishes with fine cooking, while placing the various settings in the palm of your hand through your smartphone. 

D-Vine, 10-Vins wine machine enhances your talents as an oenologist

If you’re a wine lover, you know how challenging preparing a good drink can be. It’s not about just opening a bottle to enjoy it in the best possible way. This innovative appliance, with a particularly neat design, will fit perfectly into most kitchens. And since it is still the most important, it will take care of managing the temperature and ventilation of your bottles for you. However, it will still take 799 euros. Either way, if you persevere in the art of serving wine, you might find a quick ride on our Coravin Model Eleven test!

Everydrop Water Filter


everydrop® water filters are independently certified for look and taste, health effects and emerging contaminants. While some filters do not qualify for all contaminant categories listed, everydrop® filters 1-5 do. Contaminants reduced by this water filter are not necessarily in all users’ water.

Bubble, futurism in your kitchen

Another device that is expected to land in your kitchens imminently is Bubble. It is a device that stores your food and allows you to measure in real time how it is stored. There’s also an app that lets you track which foods to eat soon and which to throw away.

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