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Why buy an air purifier?

The purifier filters the indoor air and purifies it, removing the different sources of pollution and pollutants.The air purifier will help you to avoid developing any health problem related to inhaling polluted air to improve your quality of everyday life.
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Avoid developing asthma
Avoid developing allergies
Avoid developing emphysema
Avoid developing cardiovascular disease
Avoid developing skin problems
The 10 Most Innovative & cost effective home air purifier brands
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BrandsDescription Best for
BlueairBlueair purifiers are among the most widely used air purifiers in the United States. Blueair air purifiers are known for their simplicity, air purification efficiency, and dependability. They outperform Coway and Dyson air purifiers in terms of results.Discover more Your need the highest performing air purifiers for bedrooms
LevoitLevoit is a fairly young American brand (it was created in 2017), and yet it is already being talked about for the quality of its products. She specializes in devices related to home wellness, including salt lamps, air humidifiers, yoga supplies, and air purifiers.Discover more Very useful for providing healthy air and removing mold in a large room

Winix has received several design awards for excellence in air purification and beyond as a result of pursuing innovative and useful technologies. We rate Winix in the top three of all brands for effectiveness and value.

To achieve layers of filtration not found in other products, the company combines traditional HEPA and carbon filters with modern technologies such as hydroxyl emissions replacing harmful ozone emissions.Winix air purifiers are very effective because of two reasons: They have a high 200+ CADR rating for removing smoke, pollen, and dust particles.Discover more

 For the room where has much polluant such as dust, pollen, mold, and destroying even bacteria and certain viruses.
AirocideAirocide is a filter-less home air purifier with NASA-developed core technology. Over the last four years, their award-winning device has gained a loyal following among allergy sufferers, chemically sensitive people, pet owners with odor issues, and those concerned with hygiene, wellness, and clean air in general.Discover more For people who have mold allergies, and you can also use it to remove odors in small and damp spaces like toilets, kitchens or laundry rooms.

HoMedics has risen to the top of the health and wellness industry since its founding in 1987. Relax your body, refresh your spirit, and simplify your life with their comprehensive line of personal wellness items.

HoMedics’ long-lasting, washable HEPA Air Cleaner will clear up to 99.97 percent of allergens such as pollen, smoke, and dust.Their products are AHAM and Energy Star certified.Discover more

 It’s perfect for the bedroom or other small spaces in the house.

Woojin Coway, founded in 1989, has always ranked first in South Korea air purifier brand recognition and has rapidly become a global pioneer in the field of air and water purification. They had a global presence in over 40 countries.

Since it has three stages of filtration, the Coway appears to perform the best in terms of real cleaning capacity of PM2. 5 contaminants. Discover more

 For those who have a variety of requirements. Their products are capable of handling both small and wide spaces (up to 1,560 square feet) and use a variety of filtration methods (including True HEPA and activated carbon).
FilterQueenFilterQueen has been building air purifiers and vacuum cleaners in the USA for over 90 years. Their products use proven technologies to remove 99.98% of dirt and dust down to 0.1 micron (three times better than industry standard HEPA designs). Your floors, carpets, and furniture will look and smell better than ever.Discover more The most effective for those had chronic sinus , headaches problems ,allergy sufferer and asthma sufferers.

Honeywell is an American company that was founded in 1886 and was responsible for the brand’s first thermostat. The brand then grew in particular to become a well-known company. Their air purifiers are considered very reliable. Furthermore, Honeywell air purifiers have good specifications and a reasonable price.

Honeywell’s Professional Series is often recommended by physicians and medical doctors as part of an overall allergy treatment program. Discover more

 People who suffer from asthma or allergies should definitely have this air purifier in their homes.


MedifyMedify Air Purifier is a Kickstarter company based in the USA .Every air purifier they design is made with HEPA H13 air filters. This makes a big difference that many of the other companies don’t want to address. Discover more 


 Those need Cost-effective products to remove airborne allergens and light household odors efficiently 
AirdogAirdog is a leading air purifier company founded by a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. They are dedicated to developing innovative air purification solutions based on ionic wind technology, which is called TPA technology. Airdog air purifiers are high-performance and eliminate the waste and expense of disposable filter cartridges. Airdog is silent, energy-efficient, and easy to use. It offers you clean air and is a green solution to purifying the air in your home.Discover more  Those who like new technologies and Cost-effective
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