The Best Innovations to Improve the Quality of Sleep

Improve the quality of sleep has become a problem shared by many people today. While the average sleep time  is falling, the number of awakenings per night is increasing. The number of people suffering from sleep apnea is also increasing. It is easy to analyze your sleep and improve its quality with reliable innovations.

Why analyze the quality of your sleep?

It’s here quality of your sleep which matters more than number of hours as you sleep. Analyzing the quality of your sleep allows you to know if you have restorative sleep and in sufficient quantity. Sleeping well is important for concentration during the day, for good to memorize or not to be tired. Thus, various innovations make it possible to collect essential data to improve the quality of his sleep. Various devices, sensors and others trackers sleep are now available on the market. You will find the one that you best suited according to your needs among our top sleep analysis devices.

What are the best devices for better sleep?

Very many devices for sleeping exist on the market. Some are worn on you and are called “wearables” . This is the case of headbands for the head, watches or some bracelets smart health connected or some rings. Regarding smart health connected rings, the best is the ring Oura Ring. If that doesn’t suit you, you can invest in a sleeping item that doesn’t wear like a tracker of sleep to put under the mattress from your bed. There is for example the Withings Sleep Analyzer, thought to spot sleep apnea for example.

The smart health connected bracelet and watch: the versatile day and night solution

These bracelets or smart health connected watches are relatively discreet. They cling to the wrist of the user. Watches and bracelets collect the data who are then visible from a application on your phone. For example, you will find excellent smart health connected bracelets at Fitbit Inspire HR or with the Apple watch. These smart health connected bracelets have a long autonomy, about A few days without reloading. These devices are therefore very versatile if you keep them on your same wrist the day. So, at daily, your smart health connected watch may for example count the number of steps you walk per day.

Mobile applications to analyze your sleep without a smart health connected object

The mobile apps to assess your sleep are very easy to use, because directly sure your phone. They give a lot of important information without bothering with an object smart health connected Furthermore. So you don’t need to wear any accessories under your bed or on you for the app to analyze your sleep patterns. Sleep Cycle, available on IOS and Android, is a extremely mobile application useful, because intuitive. The application records the sleep quality as well as the average time that you spend in your bed. It therefore brings together the data and more precisely defines your weekly and monthly sleep patterns. You will also find for IOS and Android application Sleep Score. The concept of the application is to establish a “sleep score“, based on six sleep settings. She gives recommendations personalized to improve your sleep. The application is sufficient reliable to understand for example if two people are sleeping on the bed.

What is the best sleep sensor to put under the mattress?

You can choose to install a sleep sensor under your mattress to increase your comfort. Putting a sensor under the mattress is an interesting alternative to smart health connected watches and bracelets. Sleep sensors have a reputation in addition to provide even more reliable results than watches. Often plugged into the mains, the mattress sleep tracker comes in the form of a strip. It is placed under the sleeper bust in order to analyze his sleep, her breathing and his movements. The downside of this type of tracker is their price : they generally cost more than smart health connected bracelets. In the market sleep tracking, you will find the company’s sensors Beddit or those Withings Sleep Analyzer. Both sleep analysis devices work with applications to deliver and analyze the data collected.

Fighting sleep apnea with Withings Sleep Analyzer

The sensor Withings Sleep Analyzer is a new innovative system to detect sleep apnea. He wants to be a health home sleep lab. This is an important issue since more than 80% of people affected do not know. This pneumatic sensor is to be placed under the mattress, under the torso of the person. Its installation is therefore very simple and fast. The Sleep Analyzer will therefore be integrated effortlessly in your daily life. The data collected by the Withings Sleep Analyzer are usable by your doctor in the context of research and treatment againstSleep Apnea. What to spot his sleep problems easily and the treat in order to gain in quality of sleep simply.

Calculate your sleep cycles and perform a hypnogram at health home

A hypnogram is a graphic which differentiates the sleep and wakefulness phases during your night. So it goes calculate your sleep cycles with all its different phases. He is, in fact, capable of recognizing the phases of light, deep and REM sleep. This curve is performed by electroencephalography, most commonly in the hospital. But be aware that it is also possible to make your own hypnogram from health home. The company Dreem created a smart sleep headband. It exports the data collected during the night on a mobile app. Ideal for insomniacs who want to understand their sleep thanks to the detailed report provided by the application via a hypnogram. This smart headband does not use neither WiFi nor Bluetooth during the night so that no waves disturb your sleep.


The pillow, the accessory to sleep better and increase the quality of sleep

Invest in a good pillow is an essential element for to sleep comfortably. For your health, we advise you to choose the pillow that matches your needs. You will thus have a restorative sleep thanks to this essential accessory for sleep better. There is a large range of products for different sleeping positions. Many pillows for your bed also have precise characteristics, such as the travel pillow or the pillow for babies. So you will find different categories of pillows whose objective is to improve the quality of your sleep. The most reliable will allow you to sleep better and you wake up painlessly of the night.

The sleep aid accessory: a night and sleep mask

The night and sleep masks have become assets essential for fall asleep quickly. They are also essential for improve the quality of your sleep generally. The masks are designed for filter and protect your eyes of the light and thus promote falling asleep. It doesn’t matter where you are. You will therefore be able to fall asleep quickly for a sleep repairman with your mask. Manufactured in comfortable materials, night and sleep masks will come to the end of unpleasant situations or light intensity is too important to fall asleep. These masks have the advantage of being affordable and efficient. The night and sleep mask is therefore a sleep aid accessory almost essential to improve the quality of your sleep.

What is a sleep tracker / tracker?

The sleep tracker allows recover different data about your sleep. In particular your breathing, your heartbeat, your movements. This makes it possible to determine the length of your sleep cycles to then find a solution adapted to your needs. Commercial sleep trackers are generally reliable and offer very relevant analyzes. All these devices sleep tracking have therefore become allies on a daily basis. They are assets must-haves for all those who suffer from sleeping troubles and wish to overcome it.

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