How to choose your front door?


Whether you want to make a first choice of front door when building your health home or plan to replace the old one, there are many options to choose from, like a glazed entrance door, semi-glazed or a solid entrance door. But how do you choose your front door?

There are a number of factors that you will need to keep in mind to make the best possible decision. These factors range from the material of construction of the door to where the door will be placed, to other aspects.

Below is a list of the most important factors to consider when choosing a door.


Door security keeps improving. For your well-being and that of your family, first consider that the doors meet your country’s safety standards. Then, we recommend multi-point locks for additional security.

The type of door

There are 3 types of doors. You will base your choice by taking into consideration mainly the design and the safety.

  • Glass entrance door : this type of door requires, for security reasons, to be fitted with burglar-proof glass in order to be able to enjoy the clarity it offers serenely.
  • Semi-glazed door: This door is the middle ground in terms of the advantage between the glazed entrance door and the solid door. It provides security while providing you with good lighting.
  • Solid door: It is a door without glazing, the best in terms of security and protection. But the downside is that the entrance to the house will not be illuminated. This type of door is often used for apartments.


Locks are an important part of the security criteria, so choose the right one and the one that suits your needs.

  • Key lock: The points are closed with a key.
  • Automatic lock: Just slam the door for the locking points to lock. To open from the inside you can use the handle, as for the outside you need a key.
  • Multi-point lock with hooks: this type makes it possible to increase the number of locking and securing points all around the door to ensure optimal security.
  • Lifting lock: you have to lift the door handle to turn the key and open or close.

Door material

Each material offers advantages and is more suited to certain needs and circumstances. The types of material are:

  • Wood: This material offers a feeling of security but requires a lot of maintenance.
  • PVC: the pvc material is known for its robustness and resistance to bad weather and different temperatures. It has a lot of possibilities in terms of color and the like and has the advantage of requiring a minimum of maintenance.
  • Steel: Highly impact resistant and known for its durability and long service life. In addition, it ensures good security.

You should also think about these accessories that allow you to maximize the security of your front door:

  • The blocking bar
  • The magic eye
  • The door opening and the security chain
  • The burglar-proof angle
  • Non-removable hinges

Do not hesitate to consult our complementary article on securing the front door, where some of these elements are presented in more detail.


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