Honor Watch GS 3 the elegant smart health connected watch formalized in Europe

Honor Watch GS 3, the elegant smart health connected watch formalized in its leather strap versions is confirmed in Europe during MWC 2022.

Honor Watch GS 3 the elegant smart health connected watch formalized in Europe

Price: $229 | Honor (Huawei group) | Discover the latest smart health connected watches.

The GS 3 was originally launched in China in January 2022, so it’s good to see this high-end smartwatch coming to Europe. With this new model, Honor offers us a higher-end version than the MagicWatch 2 (from 159 $) and the Watch GS Pro (between 118 and 199 $) . So that his Honor Band 6 activity bracelet (around from 40 $).

Very elegant classic design

The new watch comes in three finishes, with a black option and a silicone band that’s more suitable for training, and two more premium versions in gold or silver that benefit from a nice leather strap.

Honor watch gs 3 elegant design gold and leather version

The Honor Watch GS 3 has a screen 1.43-inch, 326 ppi AMOLED, which is more mid-range these days. It meets the 2.5D standard, i.e. it extends to the edges of the 316L stainless steel case.

The plus comes from the display with a theoretical maximum brightness of 1000 cd/m².


Honor Watch GS 3 sports and health features

It also incorporates a new GPS. The Chinese company announces that with its L1 / L5 dual-frequency GNSS tracking, better tracking, supposed to be 167% more precise and 47% faster to react than on the Honor Watch GS 2.

There are 100 sports modes integrated, aided and encouraged by a cardiac frequency and one SpO2 sensor also. The heart rate monitoring uses a PPG-sensor (for photoplethysmographic) 8 channelx, allowing Honor to improve the accuracy of tracking heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SPO2).

Honor watch gs3 health and activity tracking

Honor watch gs3 health and activity tracking

Characteristics compared to the average of smart health connected watches

  • Battery capacity 451mAh vs. 311.99mAh
  • 466x466px resolution vs. 116.96KP
  • Bluetooth version 5 vs. 4.44
  • Thickness 10.5mm vs.11.85mm
  • Waterproof level 50m vs. 45.84m
  • Weight 44g vs. 48.37g

Autonomy and processor

The watch can last 14 days between two charges, thanks to a battery 415mAh. We should therefore have a fairly significant autonomy with more than 30 hours of use by having GPS and activity tracking.

honor watch gs 3 autonomy 30 hours

honor watch gs 3 autonomy 30 hours

It runs LiteOS, so the look and feel of the operating system is familiar. Indeed, it is the same operating system as

It looks like a great mix of style and sporty features, and we can’t wait to find out if the Watch GS 3 looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures provided.

Price and availability of the Honor Watch GS 3

The HONOR Watch GS 3 will be available from $229 for the Midnight Black model and $249 for the very classy blue and gold models.

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