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Baby food manufacturers therefore have to adhere to very strict specifications, but some like HOLLE BABY FOOD go even further. What will interest all parents !!!

Infant nutrition is a subject of primary importance for all parents, who want good growth and development of their infants.

The first two years of a child’s life are extremely important because good nutrition can reduce the risk of diseases and allergies, and contribute to better general development.

A succession of security locks guarantees the high level of protection of specific baby foods“.

In 1933, Albert Diefenbach founded in Arlesheim (Switzerland) a company processing agricultural products, the company HOLLE. The production of organic baby food can begin. Their values: nutrition based on anthroposophy, and biodynamic quality. Even today, only raw materials from organic or biodynamic farming, and processed with the greatest care, go into the composition of their products.

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 HOLLE participated in the 2009 anti-GMO march from Berlin to Brussels. From breeding cows to wholesalers, including the production line, HOLLE BABY FOOD is committed to measuring its CO2 emissions.

What’s the values ​​of the HOLLE BABY FOOD company?

Providing an adapted and balanced diet to future generations is important to us. This is why, for more than 80 years, we have been working in a sustainable and transparent manner, mainly with raw materials from biodynamic agriculture.
All our ingredients are subject to strict control and guarantee the utmost safety. Our products contain only what is good for the child. To build a good foundation for the future from an early age.

The cereals used by HOLLE in baby formulas are whole cereals. Why such a choice ? Are the digestive functions of infants suitable for receiving these raw grains?

Whole grains allow better digestion even in infants because they facilitate transit.

In addition, their bark has a high content of vitamins and minerals. Our cereal porridge contains very fine, drum-dried cereal flakes. They can be mixed with breast milk or infant milk, but also with water.

HOLLE offers organic baby oil. Is it a product to add to ready meals, infant milk, or parents’ homemade preparations? What is the benefit of this product?

Fat is an essential element in the diet of babies. Half of a breastfed child’s diet is fat. HOLLE infant milks contain the exact amount of fat a child needs.

Organic baby food oil is a very important supplement to add to porridge and baby food. Indeed, it promotes the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Count one to two teaspoons of oil for every 200 g of porridge or small pot.

Speaking of vegetable oil, some of Holle infant formulas contain palm oil, which gets bad press. Why this choice ? Request authorization?

Palm oil has a bad press because the production of the one most often used in the world leads to overexploitation of tropical forests. But the palm oil chosen by Holle comes from a sustainable plantation in Colombia that does not harm the rainforest. The operation also respects all social standards.

In addition, the saturated vegetable fatty acids that make up this oil are essential to ensure a good energy supply to the child. It is also authorized for use in Demeter quality. The consistency of palm oil is also crucial from a technical point of view. It indeed guarantees an optimal production of infant milk.

How to choose the ingredients that go into the composition of gourds and ready meals (fruits, vegetables, cereals)?

Holle only use organic or biodynamic raw materials that have reached their maturity. We combine fruits and vegetables in a way that guarantees the child a natural and optimal supply of nutrients.

Holle distribute your products throughout Europe, but also in China, South Africa, etc. Are parents’ concerns the same on all continents?

All parents in the world want above all to provide safe and healthy food for their children. However, there are some differences in terms of needs and concerns.

For example, China has experienced several health scandals. This is why Chinese parents are also turning to baby food produced in Europe. They pay great attention to even the slightest modification to the packaging to ensure that the goods are coming from Europe.

But in Europe, the differences also exist. Depending on the country and mentality, parents read more or less the composition and ingredients on product packaging, for example.


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