heat_it – Treat insect bites with a smartphone add-on

heat_it: direct treatment against wasps and mosquito bites

Who doesn't know the problem in summer, the weather is nice, you spend the day outside, but mosquitoes and wasps can ruin your day quickly. For a moment, don't pay attention to where you are going and it has already happened. The active principle of hyperthermia, i.e. treatment by heat, is effective against stings. Such heat-generating companions are already on the market, but the start-up heat_it now connects this to the smartphone. The small, handy plug is simply inserted into the USB port of the smartphone and it is then ready for use. The treatment can also be individually adapted to the stitch using the associated app. The heat_it is currently in the crowdfunding phase and can here get supported.

This is how the heat_it stab fighter works

The heat_it smartphone add-on is extremely small and can best be attached to the keychain. As soon as you have been stabbed, pull off the cover of the plug and connect the gadget to the smartphone via the USB interface. The heat_it add-on can then be switched on via the app. The heat_it reaches the required temperature after just one second. Then the gadget must simply be placed on the stitch, the app shows when the treatment is complete. For the best possible efficiency, treatment should be done immediately after the sting. Thanks to the power supply via smartphone, the gadget does not require any additional batteries.

The gadget soothes the itching on the spot


heat_it controls by app, the functions at a glance

The app is not only used to switch the heat_it on and off, but also has different modes. So you can choose between the type of bite, because it makes a difference whether wasp, mosquito or brake. Furthermore, the location of the stitch can be selected because skin on the face is significantly more sensitive than, for example, that on the foot. You can also choose between a child and an adult to ensure the safety of children's sensitive skin.

The add-on can be easily transported on the keychain

The add-on can be easily transported on the keychain


Conclusion on the heat_it stab fighter

Thanks to its small size, the heat_it smartphone add-on offers a good alternative to alternative anti-prick agents. By combining it with a smartphone and app, it also offers a wider range of functions and more effective treatment. What is particularly pleasing is the absence of batteries, which is not only more practical, but also more environmentally friendly.

Pricing and availability

The heat_it smartphone add-on is expected to be available from 2020, should that be Crowdfunding campaign be successful.

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