HEAD RIP Control 17 Tennis String Packages Natural/White, Size String Package Holabird Sports discount


Multifilament Synthetic. HEAD’s Rip Control is as close as you can get to natural gut with a synthetic string. A unique ribbon construction is woven around a Multifilament Polyamid fiber core with a textured surface for increased spin potential. HEAD Rip Control is a great middle ground between a stiff, durability string and a soft, playability string. If you need the best of both worlds, Rip Control provides a decent blend of durability and playability at a very affordable price. As a bonus, it comes in multiple colors and has a unique, braided look. Multifilament Polyamid Fiber core provides a high resistance to movement and durability. Unique Twisted Polyolefine Ribbon outer wrap provides an extraordinary feel and soft touch with increased spin potential and control. Overall this string provides precision, control and maximum playability with great topspin and extra durability..


Holabird Sports is a family-owned and operated running and racquet sports specialty company located just 20 minutes from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor! They are local sports enthusiasts, runners, tennis players of all levels, trained teaching pros, Master Racquet Technicians, Senior Olympians, collegiate athletes, marathoners, squash and racquetball players, and so much more.

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