Hazelnut health benefits nutrition facts

Hazelnut health benefits

Fresh hazelnut is a fruit not to be missed! Its taste is subtle and slightly milky, while its texture appears very refined. also succumb to the fruity dry hazelnut crunchy! gourmet fruit, hazelnut has the added bonus of excellent nutritional qualities.

A handful of nuts weighs 100 grams on average.

Hazelnuts, also called filberts, is eaten dry as well as cool.

Fresh nuts are prized for their subtle flavor and delicate texture to them. Small but well endowed with vitamins, hazelnut is sip of beneficial nutrients.

Blanched or not, crunchy dried hazelnuts bring them to your cooking.

Through imports, hazelnut is available throughout the year.


When fresh, the hazelnut is sold in its green envelope. To choose it, shake it! You hear nothing? It’s a good sign ! Indeed, the almond must not tap against the walls, otherwise it is said that the fruit is aborted.

When dry, the nut must have a pretty bright brown shell. The hull must be free of holes and cracks, however small they may be.


Among other benefits, the hazelnut is a solid result. At the open, dry or fresh, it easily keeps your fruit basket for several weeks, provided that the place is neither too wet nor too hot. Once you have peeled hazelnuts, keep them in an airtight container.

Do not inflict the refrigerator, which would make it soft and sensitive to mold. The cold also has the effect of freezing the oil it contains, and make it lose its flavor.


Oven stove / wok

Bake hazelnuts as well in the oven (about 15 minutes) to the pan (about 1 min).

You can roast the hazelnuts few minutes in the pan, without fat, to intensify the taste!

Hazelnut health benefits nutrition facts

Calories (kcal per 100 g)            671

Proteins (g per 100 g)               16.4

Carbohydrate (g per 100 g)     5.62

Lipids (g per 100 g)                     63


Vitamin B3 (mg per 100 g)         1.1

Vitamin E (mg per 100 g)         5.65

Vitamin B5 (mg per 100 g)      0,93


Potassium (mg per 100 g)          606

Calcium (mg per 100 g)              135

Phosphorus (mg per 100 g)       458

Trace elements

Beta-carotene (mcg to 100 g)     95.5

Iodine (micrograms per 100 g)     5.6

Selenium (mcg per 100 g)            <5

Iron (mg per 100 g)                      3.47

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