HAS launches the iDoc Health Challenge competition

The Haute Autorité de health (HAS) is launching the iDoc Health Challenge competition to better disseminate, organize and connect health knowledge. Discovery.

As part of his data strategy 2021-2024, the Haute Autorité de health is launching the iDoc Health Challenge to make more efficient use of the textual data produced. Designed in a process of open innovation, this competition aims to increase the impact of the publications of the institution and its partners by working with their re-users. To do this, HAS invites healthcare players, patients and knowledge exploitation and management specialists to take part in this challenge.

While medical knowledge is accumulating more and more rapidly, health authorities work daily to make it available in the form of opinions, recommendations, authorizations, etc. However, if the documents produced are freely accessible, obstacles of various kinds limit their distribution and reuse, and therefore their impact.

The iDoc Health Challenge, led by HAS in partnership with the Digital Health Agency, the National Cancer Institute and the Ministry of Health, offers a unique framework to enable participants to propose innovative technical solutions, develop new uses and bring up any technical obstacles and needs in order to better distribute, organize and connect reference documents on good practices and health products.

Registration open until May 9

Open to anyone over the age of 18, the iDoc Health Challenge targets communities of health professionals, learned societies, users of the health system and patient associations, as well as specialists in the operation and knowledge management (publishers, start-ups, manufacturers, data researchers and students, etc.).

The participants, grouped into teams (already formed or not), will have to rely on the documents and data made available by HAS and its partners to build and prototype innovative solutions to improve the dissemination and facilitate the use of knowledge in health. This collective adventure, which will be punctuated by fun and motivating events, will allow participants to have access to high-level mentoring by experts from HAS and partner institutions. For HAS, this challenge is an opportunity to combine strengths and talents to better capture health knowledge.

Registration is open until May 9. They will allow registrants to participate in the launch event which will take place on May 12 online.

Seven proposed challenges

Seven challenges are proposed to the participants. Each team will present its prototype solution to the members of the jury, made up of experts, during a feedback day on October 6th.

Accompanied by expert mentors, each team will respond to the challenge of their choice:

Create a link between documents: allow new functions for navigation, exploration and consultation of reference documents.

  • Challenge 1.A: Identify the paragraphs of reference documents relating to a clinical situation
  • Challenge 1.B: Impact of a new publication on the existing corpus: use case of a new opinion from the Transparency Committee
  • Challenge 1.C: Linking an RCP sheet (Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation Meeting) to the correct document of good practices

Structuring medical knowledge: propose methods for representing knowledge about health products to facilitate the work of health professionals.

  • Challenge 2.A: Position medical devices (MD) in relation to all the knowledge objects produced by HAS
  • Challenge 2.B: Position drugs in relation to all the knowledge objects produced by HAS
  • Challenge 2.C: Develop an indicator of the complexity of prescribing, dispensing or administering a drug to identify situations where support by a computer tool is desirable
  • Challenge 2.D: Equivalence between drugs

The stages of the iDoc Health Challenge

  • From April 12 to May 9: registration of participants
  • May 12: Contest launch event
  • From May 12 to May 28: ideation phase, during which participants are invited to collectively discuss the issues raised and to get closer to other candidates to form a team structured around a project
  • From May 30 to June 1: evaluation of the projects by the jury and the mentors, in order to comment on them, to identify points of vigilance and to propose avenues for improvement
  • From June 2 to September 30: prototyping and development of the solutions imagined during the ideation phase
  • October 6: closing of the iDoc Health Challenge, presentation of the projects to the jury

Source: High Authority for Health

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