Good deal – Rowenta X-trem Power Cyclonic RO6951EA at 80 €



ehealth offers the bagless canister vacuum cleaner, Rowenta X-trem Power Cyclonic, at € 80 compared to € 161 usually. A very good price for this compact and handy model, which obtained 4 stars during its passage in our laboratory.

The RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic is a compact and handy canister vacuum, which hardly excludes efficient suction performance. Note also that this vacuum cleaner is particularly quiet. Launched at € 220 and offered today at € 80, the RO6963EA X-trem Power Cyclonic is in short a real good plan for all those wishing to have a small and silent canister vacuum cleaner.

Its advantages

  • Compact and light
  • Handy and rather robust
  • Equipped with an ergonomic and functional handle
  • Large collector
  • Very effective suction on hard floors and fine carpets
  • Rather silent

What could hold you back

  • Requires a little maintenance
  • Difficult to vacuum on thick carpet

The alternative

The Moulinex Compact Power Cyclonic MO3723PA is a vacuum cleaner which gleaned 4 stars at the end of its Review and which is marketed around 150 €. Just as compact and light as the Rowenta X-trem Power Cyclonic, it is also an excellent price / performance ratio.


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