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Discovered by our correspondent at CES 2020, the smart health connected Cycle bicycle pedal is a smart health connected lock of French origin, with activity tracker. Are you getting too close to your bike or someone taking it against your will? Find out what the smart health connected Cycle pedal does.

smart health connected Cycle, a very Parisian invention

Indeed, at least Parisians were needed to invent this system. Because in Paris, according to figures from 2012 relayed by the Figaro website, it was 4,000 to 6,000 bikes that were stolen each year, that is 6% of cyclists concerned. The arrival of the Vélib ’in town did not lower this sad score, since the same year, the Paris City Hall raised a total of 9000 Vélib ’vandalized or stolen. According to Christian Kravanja, co-founder of smart health connected Cycle, however, this figure does not represent 9,000 actual flights but sometimes just “borrowings”. The bikes are torn off and abandoned later after a short trip with your favorite means of transport. Against your will, which is still quite unpleasant.

The main reason for thefts, real ones, is unfortunately bicycle parts very easy to resell, and attractive to thieves. Theft is relatively simple to commit when local residents leave their bikes on the streets at night, due to the lack of bicycle garages at their homes. And Parisians, by force, are annoyed.

A deterrent principle

The Vélib ’is an interesting principle but not always attractive with its 22 kilos, its deposit system with bank imprint, and the obligation to find an available bicycle. Some individuals do not give up, they want their personal bike. smart health connected Cycle offers them a simple solution : thanks to a set of two smart health connected pedals, you equip your bike with a serrated screw system. You drop your bike with its usual anti-theft device near your health home or workplace. If someone handles your bike a little too closely, the pedal sends you a notification on smartphone.

Connected Cycle app

What if my thief is determined to leave with my bicycle?

The pedal is a deterrent only. If your bike is ridden by a thief, connecting the pedal can help you geolocate the thief. We advise you not to start a chase, already because you no longer have a bike to do it, then because it can be dangerous. You can however communicate these geolocation coordinates to the nearest police station to hope to recover the precious vehicle. If the thief gets too close and starts to want to remove the lock, thanks to the alert, you can call him if you have your bike visible.

If the pedal is removed at the time of the flight, there is nothing you can do, but the designers assure that the serrated screw system for the installation of smart health connected Cycle makes itpedal removal difficult to perform. We were able to manipulate the smart health connected Cycle pedal, and indeed, once installed, the “fortress” seems quite inviolable.

Pedal to recharge

Embarking measurements of your pace and distance traveled during your journeys, the smart health connected Cycle pedal is also used to inform your performance. With a battery powered by pedaling, you don't have to do anything, the charging will be done by itself, the battery is self-sufficient.

Connection level, the pedal was originally supplied with a two-year subscription and then you had to renew this subscription. For the moment, via the fundraising campaign, the pedal is provided without subscription, in unlimited use. To see if this model will transform later, once the campaign is over.

Connected pedals - bike

We want to believe it, but we must Review!

Still in the state of prototype, the smart health connected Cycle pedal is offered by the French start-up in crowdfunding on Indiegogo. And what a success! In 10 days the project was funded at 223%, or $ 116,690 raised for 50,000 requests. And it's not over, there are more than three weeks to go before the funding closes.

Parisian cyclist and having had a very nice bike stolen a few years ago, I totally agree with the principle of the smart health connected Cycles pedal.

First option : the thief stings everything except the frame of the bike and you find at least his carcass (the poor …). But ! You have thanks to the fact that he handled your bike an alert and you can try to recover this beautiful carcass to which you are however attached.
Second option : the thief is not aware of the existence of the pedal, he takes the bike and gets caught, provided that the police in your neighborhood do not have other cats to whip … This is all good for you !
Third option : thief fired up with a lot of motivation and despite the safety, and leave with your bike. There, you really have no luck, sorry, we can do nothing for you!

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