Frigid VR a virtual reality survival game (nothing sexual)

Frigid VR is a virtual reality survival game and nothing sexual, it’s just a reference to the freezing cold that you will have to face.

Frigid VR a virtual reality survival game (nothing sexual)

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The Celeritas Games studio has just confirmed the official release of its VR survival game for the end of February 2022. Hunt, build, craft and survive in an apocalyptic arctic environment and solve the mystery of a strange virus that infects local wildlife.

Frigid VR story and environment

It’s the year 2030, climatologists studying Arctic glaciers have discovered something disturbing in the region. Your mission is to unravel the mystery of an infection that is spreading among local wildlife turning it into a real danger. But above all to survive this ordeal.

Inspired by the 1982 film The Thing in which a 12-man Antarctic research team discovers a body buried in snow for over 100,000 years

Here the action takes place in the canadian arctic region where a cataclysmic event puts you in a desperate struggle to survive nature plagued by a strange evil.

Frigid VR survival game for Quest PC and PCVR headsets


Play in a semi-open environment as a retired hunter going on a winter vacation. Explore every square inch of this wild arctic environment.


  • Collect, craft and build items necessary for your survival
  • Single player campaign
  • Encounters with contaminated fauna

Your first mission is of course to warm up. So you will need wood. You will continue by creating tools, weapons and shelter. This will allow you to go hunting for food, but also to find something to heal yourself.

Frigid VR survival game
Frigid VR Survive Arctic Cold First

The interactions are really numerous, between picking up objects, making a fire, but also barricading windows with recovered boards.

Your equipment can be carried in your backpack with its different slots.

Frigid VR handle survival gear

You must therefore constantly pay attention to your three survival parameters:

  • Temperature,
  • Health,
  • Hunger.
Frigid VR 3 constants to watch out for
Frigid VR: your 3 constants to watch out for

Release date and compatible VR headset for Frigid VR

The demo version is already available for free on Steam.

The official release is scheduled for February 26, 2022 on Steam, it is playable on:

In the end, we are in a pure survival game with a touch of mutant beasts and anxiety. I will come to update the article and give you my opinion on Frigid VR, once tested the demo.

Other VR survival games

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