FPS Wild West with hand tracking on Meta Quest

Finger Gun the first Miro Studio VR game takes you back to the childhood pleasures of gunplaying with your hands.

Finger Gun rediscover the childhood pleasures of the gun with your hands

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“As children, we spent hours playing finger guns and imagining different worlds and enemies to shoot down. We saw the opportunity to bring that feeling back with the Oculus Quest’s hand tracking, and that’s precisely what we did.”said Miru Studio, the developers of Finger Gun VR.

History and objective Finger gun VR

Finger Gun will be a Wild West-themed wave shooter, the main appeal of which is that it will use Quest’s hand tracking so you can just point your finger at an enemy and shoot. As everyone knows, shooting a finger gun means raising your thumb and lowering it to shoot, like cocking the hammer with a gun. Although Miru Studio has not confirmed if this is the case here, the very brief trailer shows the character using his thumb to operate a lever on the side of each weapon, which could very well be the case. here.

FPS Finger Gun gameplay with hand tracking

Using your fingers to pretend to shoot guns, followed by some pew-pew sound effects, always seemed like a natural pastime as a kid. It’s no wonder, then, that this experience was the inspiration for the latest video game announcement for Meta Quest. Miru Studio has teased the first details of its upcoming Finger Gun shooter, which, you guessed it, uses hand tracking.

The developer has also revealed that you’ll be battling plenty of flying robots, with guns and what look like mini Gatling guns, so there will be a selection of weapons to choose from. It is not yet known whether Finger Gun will feature 360 ​​degree environments or a 180 degree style similar to Space Pirate Trainer, and whether reloading will be required. It could just be a shooter game.

About Studio Miro

It will be the first virtual reality (VR) title from Miru Studio, an independent team based in Spain. Finger Gun will join a very select group of titles on Meta Quest that only use hand tracking as a method of control.

Other VR games with hand tracking or hands tacking

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The best accessories for Oculus Quest 2 or Meta Quest December 2021

Here I offer you alternative products, often much cheaper and more efficient than the official accessories sold under the Oculus brand. Some of them come directly from Facebook suppliers.

  1. Double foam adjustable comfort strap BOBOVR M2 at $45.99
  2. New comfort strap with removable rechargeable battery BOBOVR M2 Pro to $79.99 (full presentation)
  3. Face interface with BOBOVR F2 fan (it really works, see the Review) sold around $50
  4. Facial interface and foam VR Cover in imitation leather, both comfortable, washable and hypoallergenic for only $29.
  5. External battery Anker at $46 to power the in-game Quest (or your smartphone)
  6. BOBOVR D2 charging station for headphones and battery of the BOBOVR M2 Pro (coming around $39)
  7. Tea charging station and support for headphones and controllers from Anker to $98.
  8. link cable optical fiber USB-C 3 VR Cover to $59 in 5 meters
  9. Contact cleaner to maintain the controllers of the Quest 2 at WD 40 Specialist contact (less than $10)
  10. polishing paste Polywatch to repair scratched lenses for less than $6.
  11. If you wear glasses, corrective lenses from VR Optician Oculus Quest 2 allows player without glasses.
  12. For VR fitness activities (or children), AMVR grip with strap for Quest 2 controller at $22.99.
  13. Tiny Morethe gunstock to improve its accuracy and immersion in shooting FPS.
  14. Google Chromecast at $39 to broadcast the video of the Oculus Quest 2 in large format on your TV or a video projector.
  15. HAS thick round carpet in 80 cm diameterto have real tactile air under your feet and avoid breaking everything.

Other Quest accessories expected for 2022

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