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The Paris Fair is currently taking place at Porte com Versailles, the opportunity to discover a plethora of sometimes unusual smart health connected objects, such as the RocketSkates, smart health connected rollerblades. Obligatory passage on the Review track!

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smart health connected rollerblades, Késako?

RocketSkates are roller blades smart health connected to gyroscopic technologyis what you find on single wheels. Clearly, to move forward we lean forward and to brake, we lean back. So yes, but why smart health connected? First of all because they are smart health connected to each other, there is a leading pad and a follower pad. To keep the same speed between the two, they communicate by radio signal.

But they are mainly smart health connected to a smartphone application which allows, among other things, to control the state of the battery, the functioning of the rollers, set driving modes (beginner, normal or pro) with the associated speed. In addition, it is possible to geolocate live those who are skating on the street. Another function, more gadget than anything else, it is possible to remotely control one of the two skates.


When we see the demonstrator moving forward without any trouble on the machine, we tell ourselves that it will be a piece of cake. It was without counting the fact that I had not touched rollerblades for at least 10 years. The reason, rather simple, is a sport in which I am particularly bad. " It takes about 30 minutes to take it in hand, 1:30 to be safe, for you and especially for others"Explains one of the members of Ecoriders, the distributor of the RocketSkates. It shows that he never saw me on these machines.

The installation is very simple. No need to take off your shoes, you slip your feet in it, tie up and go. We start with the “beginner” mode, understand a slow cruising speed. To turn on the rollers, a simple pressure of the heel on the ground and we can start. Like classic skates, you have to give an impulse with one of your feet to start moving forward, but once forward, the rollerblades move forward on their own. To manage speed, you have to lean forward. Unlike “classic” roller skates, the legs must stay one behind the other constantly. For direction, orient your foot which is in front.

The first tests are rather complicated. Fortunately, my arm is firmly held, otherwise I will still be dying in the middle of the track. But finally, after a few minutes of hassle, the body begins to assimilate the principle. After a quarter of an hour, I managed to make a straight line without falling. Progress is rapid and we are very rarely frustrated. 1h30 seems really short as a deadline to master well but as explained by EcoRider “You don’t learn to ride a bike in 1 hour ”. They score a point. The demonstrator, who was doing much better than I was about 4 hours of practice. Basically a good day or two afternoon and you should be able to get around without too much hassle. Playful, the RocketSkates wowed me remains to be seen the technical and especially… financial constraints!

smart health connected rollerblades, for whom?

If the RocketSkates have thrilled us, the price remains important. Count 990 euros for the gray model with a range of 13 kilometers. You can push this limit to 16 kilometers if you pay 1199 euros. It’s expensive, sure. This is a thought-provoking purchase, but one that can prove useful for those who walk a lot during the day. The maximum speed is 19 kilometers per hour, enough to move quickly and above all, without effort.

As for obstacles, it is possible to walk with rollerblades, provided you are on tiptoe. Enough to climb the sidewalks and stairs in the metro without having to remove them, and fortunately since they weigh 2.5 kilos each.

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