Fitbit ventilators to treat patients with COVID-19

What if Fitbit ventilators can help treat patients with COVID-19? Fitbit, which manufactures smart health connected devices such as the Fitbit Coach or the Alta HR, will shift resources in the supply chain to manufacture emergency ventilators.

Fitbit ventilators will be used to help treat patients with COVID-19. Thus, they could help strengthen the national supply of medical devices.

Fitbit ventilators to treat patients with COVID-19

"The fan shortage was very concerning and we realized that we already had expertise in the supply chain. "James Park told CNBC.

Fitbit plans to submit its ventilator plans to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use approval "in the coming days"; according to the CNBC.

The brand will request emergency use authorization. In the US, this authorization allows a medical device or product that has not been officially approved by the FDA to be used to treat a fatal disease. [/ embed]

James Park wants the ventilators to be the most "advanced" emergency ventilator available at a "lower" cost. Most fans cost thousands of dollars. High-end fans can cost up to $ 50,000. A Fitbit spokesperson declined to give The Verge further details.

A number of organizations have provided resources to manufacture fans. GM and Ford have offered manufacturing space to some fan companies to help them produce more units. NASA has developed a ventilator designed specifically for COVID-19 patients. The ventilator was approved for emergency use on April 30 ,. Which means it can go into production.

Telephone accessory maker Belkin has developed a single-use emergency ventilator in partnership with the University of Illinois. It is under review for an emergency use authorization. And Tesla is developing a new fan that reuses the parts used in Tesla cars.


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