Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 watches plus Inspire 3 strap revealed ahead of official announcement

As the web erupts over Apple Watch Series 8 rumors and increasingly specific information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — which will be unveiled in a few days — it’s another watchmaker which takes the top of the bill this week, with the leak of the visuals of its latest products. The Sense 2 and Versa 4 watches, as well as the Inspire 3 activity bracelet thus reveal their features, a sign of an official announcement which will not be long in coming.

The Fitbit Sense 2 succeeds the Sense released in 2020. Fitbit’s watch was distinguished in particular by its electrodermal activity sensor (EDA) used to assess the stress level of its wearer, as well as by its ECG function, until then prerogative of the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4. The design of the Sense 2 does not seem to evolve much, the watch retaining the square format with rounded corners which gives it its charm and prevents it from looking too much like an Apple Watch. However, we observe the appearance of a button on the left edge, completing the touch interface. Three colors should be offered for the bezel of the case: graphite grey, platinum and gold.

Less high-end, the Versa will go into version 4. Sporting a design that is probably identical to that of the Sense 2, this watch should offer a little less performance than its big sister, but will undoubtedly retain the attributes of the Versa 3, ie an AMOLED screen, a GPS chip, a microphone and a speaker to manage phone calls, and the voice assistant of the smartphone, without forgetting of course the usual health functions. It should nevertheless be devoid of ECG, a function already reserved for the Sense in the past. Graphite and pink colors are apparently planned for the bezel of the case, associated respectively on the visuals with a pink/coral or black strap.

The third iteration of the Fitbit Inspire bracelet is also in the game. Change of design this time compared to the Inspire 2, the sensor case opting, like watches, for a very rounded shape, with a more classic bracelet. We will find a priori the latter in candy pink, yellow / ocher and black, the case being entirely black.

With the release of the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3 and Inspire 2 having taken place in August two years ago, we can suspect a similar release window for these new versions, which we may discover during the IFA all early September.

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