Fitbit now offers menstrual cycle monitoring

The American fitness business, Fitbit, has just added a menstrual cycle tracking app to its smartwatch range.This is Fitbit menstrual cycle tracking.

Being able to easily follow your menstrual cycle is a demand from many women and adolescent girls. This not only allows for the arrival of the rules but is also very useful for knowing the best moments of fertility, both for the conception of a child, as in the context of a natural contraception. Fibit connected watches now offer such an integrated application in its range of smart watches.

According to the giant of bracelets connected, it was a recurring demand from its customers. Fitbit has a new function called “women’s health”. It allows women to follow several additional elements, including their rules. The information is placed on a calendar that indicates the dates of menstruation, but also the periods of ovulation and fertility.

Fitbit menstrual cycle tracking

Fitbit will introduce menstrual cycle monitoring for all Fitbit users who identify themselves as women on their profile. Tracking will be available on the device for the Versa and Ionic, and directly in the Fitbit app for everyone.

The menstrual cycle tracking app is starting to be rolled out on two Fitbit smart watch models. For now, the feature is available on Fitbit Versa and Ionic models. You can find the menstrual cycle tracking app in the sleep cycle tracking space. The feature will track their cycles, see the predictions of future cycles, indicate the symptoms they are experiencing and see cycles per cycle. -cycle metrics once enough data is saved.

Tracking is available on the Versa, Ionic and Fitbit app

There are already plenty of free apps that help women track their women’s health, but Fitbit thinks her offer will stay with the rest of the competition. By entering all the other data you connect with Fitbit (such as milestones, calories burned, heart rate, etc.), women will be able to see the links between biometrics and their menstrual periods. Add to that the fact that Fitbit already has 25.4 million active users, and there is great potential for this to have a huge impact on women’s medical research.

A Fitbit study recently found that 70% of women do not know the average length of their cycle, and 80% of women are unaware of the number of phases in a cycle. By allowing its millions of users to connect to all this data, Fitbit says that it will allow research into this area, which was not possible until now.

As for the end user, Fitbit also notes that “this knowledge helps women to have better conversations with their doctor.” When asked about their cycle during a visit to the doctor, women can take out their phone, show their doctor all their data, and more specifically respond to concerns and take red flags.

None of this has any direct impact on me as a 20-year-old, but honestly, I thought it was the most interesting of all Fitbit ads. Having a better understanding of our body is essential for a healthy life, and that’s exactly what Fitbit hopes to achieve here.

The level of blood fluid is indicated just like other natural fluids and the physical condition in which the woman should be at this point in her cycle. For the moment, the application is available for iOS and Windows users and also on Android.

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