Feeleat: the start-up to reconcile you with food


To reconcile ourselves with food, fight against eating disorders or remove taboos, the start-up Feeleat has deployed a large digital ecosystem. Discovery.

Eating Behavior Disorders (TCA) and digestive disorders, in the broad sense, affect around 15% of the French population, or 10 million people, and can be triggered at key moments in life, mainly in adolescence, but also upon retirement or the loss of a loved one.

After a tedious care course concerning resistant eating and digestive disorders, Morgane Soulier, 36-year-old entrepreneur, founded the start-up feeleat which supports all those who want to reconcile with their diet on a daily basis.

Feeleat is an innovative solution that wishes to lift taboos, to uninhibit people, in a benevolent, friendly and warm way, without ever being protesting, aggressive or “victimizing”. A large ecosystem brings together 1.5 million people per month and allows each member of the feeleat community (the feeleatfamily) to find the necessary help according to their needs.

Feeleat intervenes on a daily basis to deliver information that makes it possible to deconstruct received ideas concerning a balanced diet, lift taboos, offer advice from health professionals, help everyone’s personal development, collect and share testimonials, deliver very simple everyday, and ultimately surround and support all the people who want it at all times.

For this, a large ecosystem has been developed:

  • A blog dedicated to mutual aid and sharing which offers educational and scientific information, recipes that are easy to make on a daily basis, interviews with experts and health professionals, testimonials to inform, advise and entertain,
  • An application based on real-time data analysis, designed as a fun food diary that puts the user’s emotions and feelings at the heart of the device. The user can ask his therapeutic team to be smart health connected to his data via the feeleatmed interface,
  • A Podcast and Web conferences: Morgane invites both health professionals who bring their educational expertise on topical subjects, or anonymous people who talk about their personal experiences or testify to a click in life that allowed them to flourish,
  • A quarterly magazine, going against traditional magazines bringing together testimonials, health information, recipe ideas, personal development exercises, etc. available in digital and paper versions via the feeleat site, and on the digital platforms ePresse and Cafeyn (2 million monthly readers),
  • Surveys and market studies, in collaboration with players in the agri-food or health sector, which provide an understanding of the relationship between the French and social issues.

Feeleat has developed an ultra-engaged community. Every day on social networks, Morgane meets up with its members to discuss, give each other tips, discover the latest menu ideas for the week or share recipes from the cupboard, very simple recipes to help the community develop an easy everyday meal made from seasonal ingredients.

Joining feeleat means joining a large family that supports each other on a daily basis and gives each other tips for feeling good and reconnecting with your feelings, your emotions, and ultimately with yourself. Via advice, discoveries of favorite products, educational content, we help an entire community to take care »Emphasizes Morgane Soulier, founder of Feeleat.

Note that Feeleat has won the Grand Prix last March BFM Business of the e-health project of the year.

Source: Feeleat


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