ExoGun DreamPro Massage Gun review – A pretty amazing massage gun

Exogun DreamPro is a luxury portable massage gun that is meant for almost everyone. But it is clearly the athletes who are targeted. The goal: to reduce tension after training.They have caught the attention of athletes, people who only train occasionally, those who want to lose weight, have muscle pain / stiffness or sleep issues.

The ExoGun massage gun has more speed settings than its counterparts, is not noisy, has a battery designed to last a long time, and has an LCD display.

Let’s start with some pros and cons of this product.

Exogun DreamProFeatures of ExoGun DreamPro


ExoGun is superior with six speed settings that range from 1200 (lowest) to 3200 (highest) percussion per minute. This equates to a range between 20Hz for the lowest setting and 53Hz for the highest. The stroke length is 16 mm.

It gives more power than most massage guns on the market. However, if you are a short person with little muscle mass, you probably don’t need that much power and might be happy with the cheaper guns as well.


ExoGun has four attachments, which isn’t impressive as a lot of competing brands have more than that. The most versatile attachment is the sphere as you can use it on the shoulders, back, arms, legs, etc. The one with a pointed end provides better deep tissue massage and you can use it on areas with thick muscles. The flat end is best for flat muscle areas like the chest, but it can also be good for the legs and shoulders. The two-pronged one is intended for the muscles of the spine or neck – the teeth massage both sides of the spine at the same time.

Unfortunately, the company does not sell the product with an actual user manual, so each user must determine how to use each attachment.


ExoGun is often praised for being quieter than the competition. When on low, its brushless motor is super quiet, but when at maximum it hits up to 70dB. This noise level equates to moderate freeway traffic or a noisy restaurant – it’s not harmful to your ears, and you probably have home appliances that sound the same.


The battery lasts 4 hours of continuous work. This means you can use 1-2 months on a single charge. That is, if your battery and charger are working (please read the ExoGun Bad Reviews section).

LCD screen. This is a big plus that most guns don’t – you call using the display to see battery level and strength level.

How to use ExoGun DreamPro

Make sure your gun has sufficient battery life. To check the battery, press the “On” button once and you will see the screen. If the number is 99, the battery is full. Press “On” once more to operate the unit. From this point on, each time you press “On”, you increase the level of strength. To deactivate, press and hold.

Press ExoGun against the muscle, but not too much. Don’t dig, just let it massage the surface. You can apply pressure up to 60 lbs. If you go further, the gun will stop automatically to avoid injury. However, 60 lbs may be too much for you if you are sensitive, so listening to your own body is better than relying on the machine. Start with low settings and less pressure, and after several sessions you will likely know what works for you.

You can use the gun on bare skin or on thin clothing. It will also work well.

You will notice that your skin turns pink very soon and should change areas soon.

When to use the Exogun DreamPro

Relaxation and sleep

Percussion massage relieves tension that has built up in muscles all day (or longer). Once the muscles relax, your nervous system picks up this information and, as a result, you are likely to feel psychologically relaxed. Relieving tension can make it easier to fall asleep, and while there haven’t been many studies, the ones we have today show us very promising results in improving the quality of sleep after participants used a percussion gun for massage.

Warm up

You can use ExoGun to help warm up before exercise. You can only massage the muscles that you are about to use the most. For example, if it’s your leg day, you can go ahead and massage your thighs, calves, etc. The increased muscle flexibility and blood flow to the area can prevent injury. Please note that ExoGun cannot replace your regular warm-up and stretching.


ExoGun is also a great choice for recovery from exercise and muscle pain. Lactic acid builds up when we exercise and causes muscle pain. The percussions penetrate into the deep tissues and accelerate the release of lactic acid from your muscles.


In some situations, a massage gun can help rehabilitate you after certain types of injuries, but you shouldn’t try it yourself. Make sure your doctor or physical trainer approves this method of rehabilitation. The increased blood flow should help heal muscles, recover atrophied muscles, and improve flexibility and range of motion.


The ExoGun product can help with a variety of localized pain issues, such as elbow, neck, shoulder, or knee pain. Massaging the painful areas can result in anything from short-term relief aid to real long-term improvement in movement and healing. The increased blood flow may also be beneficial for areas with arthritis in some users.

Weight loss and cellulite

Percussion, deep tissue, blood circulation – three words that already sound like success if you’re battling excess fat and cellulite. The truth is, ExoGun can help either way, but only when paired with proper diet and exercise. The gun can help speed up the process and promote the formation of new blood vessels. These vessels will then do their part to remove pockets of stored fat.

Scar tissue

Percussion from the massage gun can break scar tissue from injuries or surgeries and increase the mobility of the area, relieving tension. You should not use it too soon after an injury or surgery as it can reopen the wound or cause serious problems, so make sure your doctor approves ExoGun for this purpose.

When not to use Exogun DreamPro

Avoid ExoGun if it causes bruising or if you are one of those people whose blood vessels easily rupture (causing bruising).

If you are taking blood thinners, avoid using Exogun.

You should also avoid massage guns on:

Tight muscles
Sprains (stretched or torn ligaments)
Areas with inflammation
Broken bones
Areas with cancer

Be careful if you have problems with your blood pressure, blood vessels, heart, muscular dystrophy, bone degeneration, fibromyalgia, or arthritis.

Do not use ExoGun on areas other than muscles, such as bones, ligaments or joints.



  • Six speed settings
  • Has a screen showing the speed setting and battery
  • Automatically turns off if too much pressure is applied
  • Excellent ergonomics – easy to use


  • Price too high
  • No user manual

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