Edelman reveals the France results of the Trust Barometer 2022

Edelman France launches the new edition of the Edelman 2022 Trust Barometer – special report “Trust and Health” which analyzes the health landscape in 2022 and provides areas for reflection to improve the current health system.

This annual Edelman barometer is based on a study conducted in February 2022 in 10 countries including France, which collected the vision of 10,000 people (1,000/country) on the impact of trust on health and health practices. and how each country can work to gain/maintain/restore confidence in health and the health system.

Key figures to remember

  • 57% of French people have lost confidence in the ability of our health system to manage a major health crisis
  • 62% of French people trust healthcare companies in March 2022 (vs. a peak of 69% in May 2021, the
    pandemic-era high.)
  • – 15 points for the ability of French people to find answers to their health questions and to make a decision
    enlightened for themselves and their family (since January 2017)
  • 54% of employees believe health or healthcare information from their employer
    after having heard/seen it twice or less.
  • 76% of French people trust their doctor, 70% pharmacists and 60% health experts for their
    tell the truth about health issues and how best to protect the health of the public.

After several years of the pandemic, confidence in health is strongly called into question, in particular because 57% of French people say they have lost confidence in the ability of our health system to manage a major health crisis.

On the one hand, 60% of French people feel that scientific/medical speech becomes politicized or is used to support a specific political program. On the other hand healthcare companies are not perceived as trustworthy. Finally, the French are no longer confident in their ability to make good health decisions for themselves and their families. The barometer shows that, since January 2017, their confidence has fallen by 15 points, while globally it has fallen by 10 points, making France one of the countries experiencing one of the sharpest declines.

Trust, a public health issue

The main challenges in regaining trust are access to information, the choice of channels for disseminating this information and the commitment of healthcare companies outside of drug production.

Indeed, 1 out of 2 French people are aware that they are not doing what is necessary for their health because of a problem of information, in particular because the latter can be difficult to find, that the health authorities regularly change the recommendations of health and that experts often express contradictory opinions.

The French still trust their doctor, pharmacists and health experts, at 76%, 70% and 60% respectively, to tell them the truth about health issues and the best way to protect the health of the audience. They also trust the health information provided to them by health authorities and their employer after having heard/seen it twice or less.

On the side of health companies, in addition to crossing the information barrier, it is necessary to have an overview of health in France. They must engage beyond therapeutic solutions at the societal and environmental level, the other determinants of health (pollution, poverty, climate change or societal injustices) being considered important to gain and maintain the confidence of the French . They are also expected on the subject of confidence in the health system. Indeed, 69% of French people say that to gain or maintain their trust, healthcare companies must give and maintain trust in our local healthcare system.

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Source: Edelman

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