E-health talents: discover the 2021 ranking


On December 9, the 2nd edition of Talents de la e-health was held. Discover the winners for this 2021 edition.

The Talents of e-health is an annual event dedicated to the recognition and promotion of those who lead structuring e-health projects for their territory and for the future of the French health system. The objective is to enhance the remarkable character (in the design, development, support for deployment, impact) of achievements carried out by health professionals / health and medico-social, industrial, and institutional structures.

Hosted by comedian Alexis the Rossignol, the awards ceremony, which took place on December 9, brought together a large panel of ecosystem representatives as well as a large audience in phygital. Result: 11 winners highlighted for their innovative e-health projects.

The 2021 e-health talents in a few figures are:

  • 143 files filed,
  • 45 finalists,
  • 10 award-winning categories,
  • 13 godfathers and godmothers,
  • 1 favorite of the jury

On the program this year, 10 categories reflecting the major issues raised by e-health, and a favorite prize from the jury. Among the 3 to 6 nominated by category, 1 single winner, recognized as a model of innovation in its category.

Composition of the jury:

  • Laura Létourneau – Ministerial Delegate for Digital Health – DNS
  • Dominique Pon – Ministerial Manager for digital health – DNS
  • Thomas Jan – Head of the ENS / DMP department – National health insurance fund
  • Caroline the Gloan – Head of the Information System Office for Health Care Providers – DGOS
  • Arthur Dauphin – Digital Manager – France Assos health
  • Jean-Pierre Aquino – Deputy Chairman – Digital Health Agency
  • Chahra Louafi – Director of the Autonomous Patient Fund – BP
  • Patrick Mazaud – Digital Health Officer – CNOP
  • Jacques Lucas – President – ANS
  • E Reichardt – Journalist – blogger
  • Olivier Paul, Deputy Director – Department of medico-social establishments and services – CNSA

The 2021 winners

Interoperability Award: Panorama

The interoperability award, awarded by Annie Prévot(Director of the ANS), was awarded to Panorama, a project whose purpose is to have a common digital archive to store and share, between healthcare professionals, the medical imaging data of patients produced in Réunion.

Cybersecurity Award: Security service operated 24/7 in health

The cybersecurity prize, awarded by Gaetan Poncelin de Raucourt (Deputy Deputy Director of Strategy at ANSSI), was awarded to theSecurity service operated 24/7 in health, whose ambition is to deliver continuous monitoring designed to better understand the cyberthreats experienced by non-profit health structures.

Artificial Intelligence Prize: Kiro and Unilabs

The artificial intelligence prize, awarded by Stéphanie Combes (Director of the Health Data Hub), was awarded toKiro, a system whose mission is to improve interactions between laboratories, healthcare professionals and patients, in order to enable them to go further in their care (non-drug prevention actions, additional examinations) thanks to new technologies and Artificial Intelligence (deep learning).

Telehealth Prize: Telehealth and e-ETP

The telehealth prize, awarded by Thomas Fatome (Director General of the Cnam), was awarded to the projectTelehealth and e-ETP(Therapeutic Education of the Patient). Taking the form of a “digital case”, this project aims to standardize e-ETP practices within the GHT.

Medico-Social Information System Prize: APEI nomad

The medico-social information system prize, awarded by Virginie Magnant (Director of the CNSA), was awarded to APEI Nomad. The NOMAD solution is a communication and decision-making aid tool for organizing and optimizing the transport activity for people with disabilities. It is based on an IT solution for the management of specialized transport, supported by optimization algorithms dedicated to the transport of people with disabilities.

Coordination Information System Prize: Entr’Actes

The coordination information system prize, awarded by Dominique Pon (ministerial manager for digital health), was awarded toEntr’Actes, a digital platform that allows a healthcare professional to seek the expertise of another healthcare professional, for coordinated patient care.

City Information System Prize: Urgences Chrono CPTS

The city information system prize, awarded by Adnène Trojette (Public and digital action advisor to the President of the Republic), was awarded toChrono CPTS Emergencies, a solution allowing to coordinate on a single interface all the actors of the unscheduled care path of a territory (liberal, hospital, private establishments, patients…).

Hospital Information System Prize: Hôpital Foch

The prize for the hospital information system, awarded by Caroline the Gloan (Head of the Information System for Actors in the Care Offer, DGOS), was awarded to theFoch Hospital, for its digital user journey with many digital tools to facilitate access to patient care, improve their comfort, the quality of their care and ensure the rapid mobilization of their information.

Citizen Application Prize: Mila Learn

The citizen application prize, awarded by two members of the citizens’ committee, was awarded toMila Learn, a musical game application intended for children aged 6 to 14 with dys disorders which aims in particular to make them work on memory, rhythm and concentration.

Covid Application Prize: Covid Pharma

The Covid application prize, awarded by Antoine Tesnière (Director of PariSante Campus), was awarded toCovid Pharma, a solution that simplifies the management of antigenic tests as well as the organization of vaccination against Covid-19, by providing digital tools to healthcare professionals.

Jury’s favorite prize: Solidaires Handicaps

The jury’s favorite prize, awarded by two 2022 winners, Auriane Lemesle (GRADeS Pays de la Loire) and Jérôme Leleu (SimforHealth), was awarded toSolidarity Handicaps, a platform that makes it easier to meet solidarity initiatives near you and to connect project leaders, caregivers and people with disabilities.

Source: Digital Health Agency


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