E-health: French startups are entering the North American market


The NEXT French Healthcare program, organized by Business France in partnership with Bpifrance, has selected 14 e-health & medtech start-ups to launch into the North American market. Discovery of the winners.

The current health crisis linked to Covid-19 has created an urgent demand for innovation in the health sector and has thus been a real accelerator in the development of digital health solutions and medical devices. According to a report from Rock Health, digital health fundraising reached $ 14.1 billion in the United States in 2021, an increase of 90% compared to 2019. The United States, leader in this field, are a particularly attractive destination for innovative companies wishing to conquer this market.

Organized by Business France in partnership with Bpifrance, and supported by two competitiveness clusters, Medicen Paris Région and Lyonbiopôle, the NEXT French Healthcare program selects the best innovative French e-health companies and MedTechs wishing to enter the North-North market. American.

On May 11, following the deliberations of the selection committees, the program jury announced the names of the 14 winning start-ups that will represent France in North America. They will embark on a digital bootcamp, followed by a face-to-face roadshow in the United States and Canada, in order to meet strategic partners and potential investors.

The NEXT French Healthcare program aims to accelerate the development of innovative French startups in North American markets. The program allows the winning companies to invest in these markets by meeting leaders in the healthcare industry in order to gain visibility and forge partnerships with key players in the sector.

At each stage of this acceleration program, they benefit from the advice, support and experience of advisers from the Business France offices in New York, Chicago and Montreal and from North American experts.

This program, which has already supported more than 90 companies in previous editions, has enabled more than 90% of the winners to initiate North American collaborations. The 14 winning startups of the 2021 edition will participate in two complementary events:

  • a digital bootcamp, from June 7 to 11, then from June 21 to 25. On the program: two weeks of collective sessions and individual in-depth studies aimed at boosting the skills of startups on all subjects related to a launch on the North American market (regulatory, market access, communication, HR, operations, etc.), to enable them to create a network and to benefit from feedback from experts.
  • a roadshow, from October 11 to 22 in the United States and Canada. At stake: a personalized business meeting program, organized by Business France, in order to bring together potential clients or partners to the 14 winning startups.

Elsa Rive, director of the Business France North America healthcare division and head of the NEXT French Healthcare program, explains: “ The large North American groups applaud the vitality of French companies in the health sector and commit with them – in particular with the NEXT French Healthcare program – to innovate. French HealthTech confirms its place among the world leaders, with emblematic companies such as Doctolib, Dreem, Cardiologs distinguished by the MIT Review, or very promising emerging companies such as Tilak Healthcare, Remedee. Health and innovation have no borders, as Healthtech companies, you have to think globally from the start. The NEXT French Healthcare program allows French companies to validate their solution and strategy with world leaders.

Discovery of the winners

The winning startups, named below, will go to North America to defend the excellence of French digital health:

Alcediag develops and markets innovative diagnostic blood tests for psychiatry, based on epigenetic biomarker and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Alcediag solutions allow patient management, from initial diagnosis, through to follow-up and up to remission. The first Edit-B® Review helps differentiate bipolar disorder from depression, which is an urgent medical need. Beyond mental illnesses, Alcediag’s development platform can be used for a wide range of pathologies including neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancers.

Archeon Medical
Archeon Medical’s mission is to help caregivers bring patients back “from shore to shore” using the full potential of artificial intelligence for the benefit of better ventilation for patients when every detail can. make the difference. Archeon develops EOlife® is an easy-to-use medical device that provides efficient ventilation in patients with cardiac arrest.

Cardio-Renalsolution is composed of a smart health connected medical device allowing chronic patients to measure their blood potassium level at health home and a cloud platform accessible by physicians who can monitoring the clinical status of their patients and optimize the doses of drugs accordingly.

CMI’NOV specializes in the design and development of medical devices for cardiac surgery via the transcathete route. CMI’Nov Mit’rep is a new generation mini-invasive annuloplasty medical device. Mitral regurgitation is one of the most common and difficult to treat chronic heart conditions in humans.

Fizimed is a start-up developing EMY, an innovative smart health connected medical device to stop urinary incontinence in women through pelvic floor rehabilitation. EMY is a smart health connected probe that allows you to strengthen your perineum from health home.

Intelligence Anesthesia
Founded by an anesthetist, Intelligence Anesthesia develops medical applications for improving the assessment and management of surgical patients. Algorithms, decision support system, monitoring process, etc. a set of modules for optimal support.

Metafora is developing a unique and powerful in vitro diagnostic (IVD) platform capable of detecting and characterizing the energetics of a single cell in order to establish a precise and rapid diagnosis, and a feasible therapeutic follow-up. Metafora deciphers how cells use key nutrients to fuel their metabolism. Metafora’s innovation stems from research carried out in leading university laboratories of the CNRS, in close collaboration with healthcare providers.

Mila, at the intersection of music, education and health, develops therapeutic continuity tools for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including dys disorders. Built around rhythmic and auditory stimuli applicable to many neurodevelopmental pathologies, Mila uses music thanks to her partners (Warner / Disney / Sony), to create a rich, non-drug and non-stigmatizing experience for the child. Mila was founded at École Polytechnique in 2018 and has grown in France and Los Angeles (Techstars US). As a partner of the French Federation of Learning Disabilities, Mila has been able to support more than 5,000 young children with learning disabilities.

MyPL is developing a very innovative data visualization solution for patient data. Designed with and for medical experts in oncology, their dashboard automatically reconstructs a patient’s clinical record, presenting their health data structured and qualified by the experts. Doctors’ decision-making is therefore more “enlightened” and makes it possible to offer better adapted therapeutic choices, in record time.

Nurea develops the PRAEVAorta solution that automates image analysis and provides the fastest and most accurate quantitative analysis of aortic disease. It allows physicians to detect asymptomatic illnesses before cardiovascular events and to personalize diagnosis and follow-up.

Satelia Cardio is a telemonitoring medical device fully covered by social security under the ETAPES program. It is prescribed by cardiologists and intended for the follow-up of patients with heart failure. It is used in more than 100 centers in France.

Sonio is an Artificial Intelligence software that guides sonographers and doctors during prenatal ultrasounds in order to optimize the screening and diagnosis of congenital anomalies and rare diseases.

Qubit Pharmaceutical
Qubit Pharmaceuticals is an innovative international company, spun off from CNAM, CNRS, University of Texas at Austin, Sorbonne University and University of Washington, and based in Paris. Qubit Pharmaceuticals draws on more than 20 years of R&D which has won the most prestigious awards. Qubit Pharmaceuticals is backed by Quantonation, a leading quantum technology investment fund, in its mission to revolutionize the way drugs are developed and to deliver safer and more effective drugs faster.

WhiteLab Genomics
The start-up has developed a software platform that relies on AI to accelerate the development of gene and cell therapies. These new generation therapies based on DNA and RNA strategies are complex and expensive to develop. WhiteLab’s platform allows research laboratories and technology companies to find the best molecular strategies and to be guided interactively during the different phases of drug development, resulting in the acceleration of R&D programs.

Source: Business France


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