DIY– How to solve the waterproofing problems of your roof?


Bad weather, damaged tiles, damaged flashings… so many causes that can make your roof permeable to water and / or air. However, the waterproofing of the roof is crucial for the comfort of the inhabitants of the dwelling, for the protection of the latter and the objects it contains, as well as for the reduction of its energy consumption. So how do you seal your roof and still benefit from this comfort and the benefits of waterproofing the roof? Let’s do a check in.

Solutions at your fingertips

Here are some solutions that you can implement yourself to solve the waterproofing problems of your roof:

  • Apply a water repellent treatment

The water repellent treatment protects the roof of your house against water leaks. In addition, it optimizes its sealing capacity by blocking the porous parts of the structure in a durable way. In short, it is an effective solution to obtain an impermeable surface and constitute a barrier against the deterioration of the woodwork of the frame.

  • Apply roofing sealant

The roof sealant is one of the most effective products against roof waterproofing problems. It’s also one of the easiest to apply – just get the sealant, spot leaks and other sealing issues, clean the problem area, and apply the sealant using a putty gun or spatula as appropriate.

  • Install an under-roof screen

Unlike the water-repellent treatment which clogs the porous areas of the structure, the under-roof screen rather collects infiltrated water and drains it towards the gutter. Furthermore, the roof underlay prevents the wind from rushing under the frame and thus lifting the components of the roof.

  • Apply waterproof paint

You can find it in the market in different colors. In addition to making the roof waterproof, it gives it a new look (a second life). In addition, if you are green, you can opt for an ecological waterproofing paint. Its application is similar to that of ordinary paint.

  • Perform thermal insulation from the outside (ITE)

Insulation from the outside concerns much more the air tightness in your health home. This solution aims to reduce thermal bridges. To carry out an ITE, you can opt either for self-supporting panels or for Sarking (specific to inclined frames).

Prevention is always better than cure

To keep your roof waterproof as long as possible, you must ensure its maintenance. Exposed to several threats (bad weather, sunlight, pollution, etc.), the roof needs regular maintenance.

It is the debris and moss that can be seen on some homes that cause roof degradation. They sometimes promote humidity and mold growth in your interior. It is therefore important to cleaning and defoaming your roof regularly (using copper wires, anti-foam products, etc.) to prevent it from any sealing problem. In short, no need to call a professional to ensure the waterproofing of your roof. You now have several easy-to-implement solutions, one of the most important and easy of which is regular maintenance.


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