Discover the TOP 5 drones that marked CES 2015 Best smart health innovation

Sensations of CES 2015, drones carve out a prime place in the universe of smart health connected objects. Automated camera tracking, autopilot, 4K ehealth, panoramic ehealth… Discover the TOP 5 the most efficient drones

1- Hexo +

Hexo + Drone

In the range of drones suitable for athletes, without being too chauvinistic, the Hexo + is our favorite little French. Almost tied with the Airdog drone below, Hexo + combs its competitor to the post thanks to his design significantly more classy and top of the line for a lighter price. he works with a GoPro (on-board sports camera). It is compatible iOS and Android.

The Top of the Top of its features:

– Automated camera tracking, the Hexo + follows you and films you thanks to GPS tracking from your smartphone.
– Top speed of 70km / h
– Automated landing and takeoff.
– Data recovery and options quick assembly from the application on your smartphone
Stabilization gyroscopic gimbal image (camera support)

The least Top:
15 minutes autonomy only in continuous shooting

Release date : September 2015
Final price: $ 1,149 (approximately 975 euros)

2- Airdog

Airdog Drone

Very similar in terms of technology to its French competitor, the Hexo +, the Airdog drone has a small weakness according to us: its design a little too flashy. A gadget look for a drone at high price, the Airdog is sold in pre-order at $ 1295 (around 1100 euros), it will be sold around 100 euros more expensive in the long term. It is iOS and Android compatible.

The Top of the Top of its features:

– The same as that of the Hexo +, it is also autopilot, with camera tracking and also works with a GoPro on board
– It offers a autonomy of 10 to 20 minutes in continuous recording, a small promise to verify slightly better than the Hexo +

In the end, the fact that he is not first in our ranking is just a story of style. You tell us if you like the design!

Release date : February 2015
Marketing price: $ 1,495 (approximately 1220 euros)

3- Zano

Zano Drone

Always very autonomous like the greats of his generation, the tiny Zano is autopilot. It allows you to take aerial shots and videos in HD quality with a system of automated camera tracking. We especially like it for its maneuverability and its ease of use. It is not intended to serve as a drone for extreme sports like its two predecessors, but it is quite okay for the general public. It is offered in White. Compatible with iOS and Android.

The Top of the Top of its features:

Little price very advantageous to start in the world of drones
360 ° vision, altitude control on smartphone and automatic tracking option (tracking) from your smartphone or tablet

The least Top:

– Because of its small size, the Zano cannot carry a camera, it has a 5 megapixel sensor, for HD ehealth rendering only. To be preferred for a amateur use and therefore undemanding.

Release date : June 2015
Marketing price: £ 170, approximately 220 euros.

4- Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

Lightweight (9.2 grams) like the Zano, the Parrot Bebop is a small technology concentrate capable of filmic prowess! The interest of this small performing drone is in its customization, it comes with a full pack, the hull can be modified depending on the flights (indoor or outdoor), pack which includes two batterys and 4 propellers additional. On the other hand, no automated camera tracking, the Parrot Bebop is designed to take pictures at the first person only.

The Top of the Top of its features:

4 motors, resistant shell composed of 15% of fiberglass, adaptable to indoor or outdoor flight, shock absorbers
– Camera 186 ° fisheye
– Resolution photo 1920 × 1080 (30 frames / second)
– Resolution ehealth 4096 × 3072 pixels
22 minutes autonomy
Gyroscopic stabilization on 3 axes

The least Top: (but great performance all the same for such a small drone)
Range of 250 meters
– Speed ​​of 13 meters / second
– Internal memory of 8GB

Release date : Right now on the Parrot website
Marketing price: 1025 euros

5- Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird Drone

Outsider in the drone universe, this little bird of Marseille origin (still a frenchy!) is a bit of technology adapted to the principle of the paper plane. Playful above all, the Bionic Bird allows you to practice flying, to play with opponents and make impressive gliding flights.

The Top of the Top of its features:

1.2 Watt motor with aluminum radiator
– Wing and tail direction control for acrobatic gliding flights
– Time to load on “Egg” (its charger is in the shape of an egg) of 12 minutes only by contact.
– Charging time of the “Egg” charger of 1h30.

The least Top:
– Flying App which only allows one distance of 100 meters between you and the Bionic Bird
– Bluetooth protocol
No camera

In short, the Bionic Bird is a bit out of competition, since it does not allow filming, but to fly like a bird. This is especially a game object which seems promising, we Review it very quickly and then we tell you!

Release date : March 2015
Marketing price: $ 149 (approximately 126 euros)

Comment on this article and tell us what your favorite drones are!

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