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Where does THC come from for Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC does not just materialize, as mystical as it can seem, out of thin air. In reality, it’s a result of nature, intellect, and science. So, where did THC Delta 8 come from? Continue to read. Plus, where any can be found for yourself!

Reminder: Delta 8 is a THC isomer

On our blog, we have covered the subject of “isomers” before, particularly THC isomers. Of course, good ol ‘delta 8 THC is the one to pay most attention to. As is generally recognized, THC isomers are also THC. THC, THC isomers, and all cannabinoids are extracted from cannabis sativa, or a cannabis plant.

In fact, THC breaks down from another cannabinoid, known as “The Mother of All Cannabinoids,” CBG. We discuss this a bit more in the bottom section. Hemp plants can vary and come in different strains and varieties, just like any other plant family. Some varieties are higher in THC whereas others have heartier fibers that make them great for textile use.

What are THC isomers?

Isomers have the same chemical formula as delta 9 THC, but a different atomic structure. Because of these subtle differences, they offer different reactions — both from a science and production perspective as well as how they affect you. According to the World Health Organization, there are five other prominent isomers of THC in addition to delta 8.

When it comes to comparing delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC, the names sort of say it all. However, how delta 8 makes you feel as well as how easy it is to access make it quite different (for now) and exciting. You can get more familiar with delta 8 with our comprehensive guide.

How other cannabinoids help

So, you know (or were reminded) that delta 8 THC comes from cannabis, just like classic THC. Though delta 8 is a natural compound, unfortunately, it exists in very low levels in the hemp plant. That is, without the help of the science and smarts we mentioned.

First, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp derivatives federally legal provided they have less than 0.3% THC content. Delta 8 existed before this time, of course, and has even been used as a remedy for cancer-related and cancer treatment symptoms.

Extracting and synthesizing delta 8

Since it became federally legal, a greater emphasis (and freedom to do so) has been placed on accessing the benefits of delta 8. This is particularly true for how it offers anxiety relief, pain relief, relaxation, and more. And, since it exists in low levels, it must be extracted or synthesized.

Extracting and synthesizing are other ways of saying CBD or CBG is used and converted to delta 8. This may sound complicated, but it really comes down to monitored chemical reactions. After all, these chemical reactions (addition of light and heat) already occur with CBG, creating all other cannabinoids.

Where you can find great delta 8 products

Without extraction and synthesizing techniques, not enough delta 8 would be produced, and it would simply be too expensive. And we can’t have that! In fact, you’re in luck. You can find the largest selection of the highest quality delta 8 products at the best prices, right here on Direct Delta 8.


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20% off all orders for new users with promo code
20% off all orders for new users with promo code
20% off all orders for new users with promo code
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