Digital healthcare partnership between the Champagne Sud Hospitals and the Troyes University of Technology


This partnership between the university and the HCS, which brings together in common management the hospital center (CH) of Troyes, the Aube-Marne hospital group (GHAM, made up of the establishments of Romilly-sur-Seine, Nogent-sur-Seine and Sézanne ), the public mental health establishment of Aube (EPSMA) of Brienne-the-Château, the CH of Bar-sur-Aube, the CH of Bar-sur-Seine and the accommodation establishment for the elderly dependent (Ehpad) Pierre-d’Arcis (Arcis-sur-Aube), aims to promote “the integration of new technological components” to “modernize health systems”, both in terms of care and organizations.

The HCS notably cited the “cloud computing“, cybersecurity,” big data “, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital simulation, smart health connected objects (IoT) or even augmented reality.

They also highlighted the desire to improve “the efficiency of logistics processes in order to improve production systems and increase reliability, as well as to better manage the logistics dimension in different sectors”, in citing lingerie or catering.

This partnership is part of a collaboration on research and innovation projects developed for several years between the University of Technology of Troyes and the HCS, with in particular the signing of a framework agreement in 2015.


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