eharmony dating app

EHarmony dating app is a more complex website that requires all the work to find a special person. Once the user has completed a comprehensive personality test, eHarmony will find a bachelor for you, all based on compatibility and affinity.

EHarmony claims to be in charge of 542 weddings a day in the United States, making it one of the most popular wedding destinations for singles online. The site is also known as “the first relationship service to use relationship science” to develop its matching profile and marriage compatibility.

Why is eHarmony so unique? In the late 1990s, after 35 years of consulting clinical psychologists and married couples, Dr. Neil Clark Warren believed that there was a better way to find love than random selection. His discovery led to the birth of the site and the creation of the famous eHarmony matching system.

The system is based on a complex matching method, through in-depth testing of married people. In fact, it’s so innovative that the system is still patented in the United States.

It’s a great video that explains how eHarmony works and some of their history, such as dating services.

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Operations and tools

After joining the website, each member must take the time to fill in a detailed and strictly defined profile, and then predict each game to ensure compatibility. EHarmony only shows matches that are compatible with your profile, reducing the time wasted searching for deadlocked profiles on other dating sites. The corresponding website template is used, and 99.7% of the incompatible members are eliminated. If you're looking for a serious relationship, that's great.

Starting with eHarmony, users need to fill in a detailed relationship questionnaire. The results are compiled into a detailed profile and used to provide a personal overview and activate the website found compatible with you. These questions clearly delineate who you are and what you are looking for, beyond what dating sites can do.

After configuring the profile, users can download photos and answer more questions to build their profile. You don't need pictures, but we encourage you to improve the response rate of your profile. To protect your privacy, only your game can see your photos.

Once the configuration file is activated, the matching process is safely in the hands of the corresponding compatibility of eHarmony patent system, which provides daily matching based on the possibility of deep connection and long-term compatibility.

EHarmony allows anyone to sign up for a free account, but its functionality is limited to non paying users. All members have established personal data, receive new letters every day, and can view their matching personal data.

Subscription (paid) members can send and receive unrestricted messages, view unrestricted photos, see when their game is connected, see who has viewed their profile, and have full access to eHarmony's mobile app.
If you want more convenience, eHarmony offers apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. These applications include all the important features of the main website, allowing users to: register, get relationship questionnaires, view new emails, send icebreaker and eHarmony emails, update your profile, upload photos, archive games, etc.

There may be additional charges for other advanced services, such as secure calling (a private and secure way to talk face-to-face without revealing the phone number), Relyid (an authentication service) and prime personality profile (extended personality type profile).

EHarmony communities and activities!

As mentioned above, the community of this website is still very large! But it's hard for me, because you can't search for other members as you would on other websites, but provide you with matches based on your compatibility tests and profile entries.

EHarmony has millions of visitors a month (about 4.3 million), which is a bit like Badoo in the United States.. It's just that it works differently. EHarmony has a diverse workforce with more than 33 million registered users in 50 states and more than 150 countries. Most of the male members are over 35 years old, and most of the female members are under 30 years old. Please note that members are also slightly richer than other websites.

EHarmony is Free or paid? is one of the paid dating sites! It is listed as "a bit expensive" website, not all exchanges can buy it! Finally, in a year's subscription.

So to access all the services on the site and claim to make the most of the site, you must choose to subscribe!

eharmony cost and subscription!

EHarmony price offers you different types of programs to choose from. They offer one, three and six-month subscriptions, and are one of the online dating sites that offer 12-month plans. If you sign up for more programs, you can save more money.

eharmony dating app sites price

eharmony dating app sites price

EHarmony dating app invoice your Member States from the beginning, but allows you to pay for certain programs in three installments. For more information about payment, see the table below. It's free, but you have to sign up for a program to contact another member. We suggest that you have a three-month plan to give you the best chance to find someone special.

EHarmony also offers some of these pay as you go services; Securecall is $5.95 per month, reliable is $5.95 per year, redemption advanced profile is $19.99, and profile advisor is $99.95.


  • Large user groups
  • Best protection with secure appointment options
  • Matching suggestions help users find their happiness among millions of users
  • Perfect for those seeking seriousness, stability and permanence.
  • No search or other - you'll see the members that match your profile directly
  • Complete Archi configuration file, full of information.
  • Relationship skills, temptations and other useful things.
  • Additional features you won't find in a competitor's conference website

  • It's more expensive than many dating sites
  • displays matches based on the profile you created. You cannot perform your own search
  • You can't communicate with other single members who pay the subscription fee unless you also participate (unless it's a free communication weekend, held once a month)
  • Not suitable for single people looking for casual or short encounter!
  • Same sex is not allowed.



EHarmony is a very popular and effective website for single people looking for long-term relationships. The reconciliation system is very unique and comprehensive, helping to narrow down the scope of the date pool. In addition, useful features make it easy for members to browse the site and its thousands of profiles. It takes quite a long time to complete the questionnaire, but eHarmony has a high success rate. Although the cost is high, for some people, rich eHarmony features can be useful.

All in all, eHarmony is the best dating site, although its approach is quite special.'s beautiful and intuitive layout is designed to help you find the ideal service. EHarmony may be expensive, but the online dating experience is first-class.

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