Chronolife and TMM Software offer medical telesurveillance thanks to a smart health connected t-shirt


The start-up Chronolife, which develops medical devices dedicated to telemonitoring, and TMM Software, an Ardèche company specializing in the digitalization of care pathways, announce a partnership aimed at offering a medical telemonitoring service for patients with chronic diseases, especially respiratory pathologies.

The device includes “a complete medical platform” which combines KeeSense, the smart health connected t-shirt developed by Chronolife, and apTelecare, a medical remote monitoring solution offered by the software publisher and used by sixty healthcare establishments. It should allow healthcare professionals to monitoring the condition of their patients in real time and, in the event of an alert, to be able to quickly take a decision.

A t-shirt that measures six parameters
The KeeSense t-shirt is a CE marked medical device that integrates multiple sensors capable of measuring six physiological parameters: electrocardiogram, physical activity, chest and abdominal breathing, pulmonary impedance and body temperature. It also incorporates a proprietary machine learning system to predict the occurrence of acute events related to chronic diseases.

Thanks to a partnership with the laboratory Servier, during the first wave of Covid-19, this t-shirt was made available to patients with chronic heart failure. One of the objectives of this project was to reduce the pressure on health professionals by promoting outpatient care for chronically ill patients while improving their quality of life.

Morocco, the next place of experimentation
The partnership with TMM Software is part of the ETAPES program which provides a framework for experiments in telemedicine. Initially, the remote monitoring system will be offered to patients in France. Similar international initiatives will then be launched, specify the partners. Morocco is one of the next candidates because TMM Software is currently equipping part of the population for the monitoring of adverse effects following vaccination against Covid-19.


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