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Full-spectrum CBD capsules formulated to sooth stress and calm fears. Made��with a proprietary blend of terpenes and cannabinoids uniquely designed to promote a sense of serenity, our full-spectrum CBD soft gels are designed to put you in a state of zen. Made with coconut oil to enhance absorption.Our Calm formulation fortifies CBD and CBDa with a strategically-crafted proprietary blend of over 16 unique terpenes to enhance the experience.��Calm Terpene Highlights:��LinaloolLinalool is the major constituent of lavender essential oil and gives the flower its wonderful floral scent. Linalool has been studied and used for centuries, particularly in the form of aromatherapy. The benefits of this terpene are vast and should help relieve you of your worldly stresses.Beta-Myrcene�_-myrcene is far and away the most prevalent terpene species found amongst all cannabis chemovars. It has an earthy aroma, featuring musky notes reminiscent of cloves and hops.��Alpha-Ocimene�-Ocimene has been identified in an extensive variety of herbs including parsley, mint, tarragon, basil and orchids. It is typically described as having a sweet, woody, and herbaceous aroma.

About Care By Design

Care By Design is a remedy with deep roots, carefully formulated with love and science, and backed by a team of scientists, clinicians, and caregivers with decades of experience. Their passion is for your health.

Rest, Relief, Calm, Balance, and Uplift are the five effects they offer. Each effect is available in two different formulations: soft gels and oil drops.

Why we’re different: To improve experience, aroma, and flavor, our formulations fortify CBD and CBDa with a proprietary blend of over 16 unique terpenes.

For purity, all of our products are triple tested. We test the plant material to ensure that it is pesticide and adulterant-free. We test the oil to ensure that it is clean and effective. Finally, we test the finished product to ensure that it has been properly formulated and labeled. Our promise is one of purity, potency, and consistency. All of our products’ test results are available on our website under the Certificates of Analysis tab.


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