Bruush review – A dentist quality clean in only 2 minutes!

The electric toothbrush is often preferred by dentists who recommend it to their patients without hesitation. Given the growing popularity of this type of product, the selection is very wide and it is therefore difficult to choose the best model. Thanks to Brüush, we have the opportunity to give this Bruush review (an additional modern electric toothbrush) to help you find an appropriate e-toothbrush in your quests.

You would definitely agree with me that electronic toothbrushes have dethroned manual toothbrushes in recent years on supermarket shelves. I think more and more people have trusted on it, just like me to help us remove our dental plaque more effectively.

Today, with their specificity, reliability, price, ease of use and efficiency, there are many models of electric brushes. But if you’re an electric toothbrush lover, you’ve already tried many pricey items from popular brands, such as the $200 to $300 e-toothbrush.

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BRUUSH Electric Toothbrushes – Premium Set Electric Toothbrush: 3 Replacement Toothbrush Heads

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Last update was on: January 26, 2022 3:04 am
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BRUUSH Electric Toothbrushes – Premium Set Electric Toothbrush: 3 Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Last update was on: January 26, 2022 3:04 am

About Brüush

Brüush is an oral care brand on a mission to give you your cleanest, whitest teeth, and healthiest mouth ever.A quality electric toothbrush with a luxurious look and feel, Brüush is fitted with all the bells and whistles, including…

– Sonic software with 31,000 brush strokes per minute

– 6 effective modes of cleaning for any mouth form

-A built-in timer to ensure that you brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes.

-A quad-pacer that ensures you pause every 30 seconds to make the most of these 2 minutes to urge you to move to a different corner of your mouth.

– Industry-leading 4-week lifespan of batteries

– Dupont Tynex bristles Top-of-the-line


Variants of this toothbrush

They have 6 different choices at the time of writing. Others are restricted editions.

The choices for color are:


Black travel case, brush heads, connector adapter, and stand.


Black travel case, white brush heads, plug adapter, and charge stand.


Black travel case, white brush heads, red charging stand, and connector adapter.

Black travel case, white brush heads and plug adapter, and blue charging stand.

Blue (Limited Edition)
Black travel case, white brush heads and plug adapter, and blue charging stand.

Yellow (Limited Edition)
Black travel case, white brush heads and plug adapter, and yellow charging stand.

What’s in the box?

1 x Brüush electric toothbrush handle
3 x Brush heads
1 x Travel case
1 x USB magnetic charging stand
1 x USB power plug

Key Features

Sonic cleaning action
6 cleaning modes
Rechargeable built-in battery lasting up to 28 days
2 minute timer and pacer

Design, usability, clean & general use

In a very chunky, but classy looking package, Brüush is delivered.

It is all black in color in this specific case, with a glossy Brüush logo on the front that catches the eye.

You’d have trouble figuring out that there’s an internal toothbrush.
Open it and in the centre, the brush is shown and looks very elegant.

The accessories are underneath the foam insert, each inside the foam lining in its own cutout.

It’s a good experience for unboxing. Yet there will be a little more planet-friendly use of more cardboard and fewer foam inserts.

Initial impressions, putting this aside, are fine.

The brush looks good, feels good in the hand and looks well made.

It has six effective modes of cleaning: regular, white, soft, gum, max, and tongue, each providing enough pressure to efficiently clean your teeth. In the user manual included in the package, you can read the specifics of each mode.

An extra brush head, a USB charger, a USB wall charger, and a travel case are revealed in the second portion of the package (there’s another extra brush head inside). This collection seems to be enough for a year for your brushing needs. A wireless, magnetic charging stand is a USB charger, making it super convenient to hold the toothbrush on the pad. The travel case makes it easy to carry Brüush anywhere with you, it’s a safe way to keep the brush hygienic and clean.

Battery life

The battery life is so incredible; it says that if you use it just as I did, it will last for 3 weeks, two to five minutes twice a day (I’ll change the article if it lasts shorter than that). All you need is to charge the toothbrush with its wireless charger and you can enjoy gentle brushing during your stay away from home. This is very suitable for any kind of outdoor activities or travel. The charging pad is very modern; it is super basic, flat and slightly magnetic. It is easy to recharge Brüush, just position it upright on the magnetic charging stand, a small red light will appear on the handle, but that light will turn off until Brüush is fully charged.The firm explains that there is no memory impact on the lithium-ion battery, so I can charge this toothbrush without loss at any point during its battery life. Simply put, every time I’m not brushing, I can just leave Brüush on its charging stand.

Price & where to buy

The Bruush toothbrush is available  from and Amazon.

One reason why Bruush isn’t stocked anywhere is the Bruush subscription scheme.

You can make one-off/one-time transactions, but subscribing is more economical.

With some sort of subscription, more and more companies are now selling toothbrushes.

The subscription is for the replacement brush heads in this case.

If making a one time purchase, the price for the toothbrush is $95.

You can save 15% or $16 but signing up to their refill plan.

The brush head refills sell in packs of 3 at a cost of $24 or $8 each.

But, this price drops to $18 or $6 each if you subscribe.


Brüush is a sonic toothbrush that I use on a regular basis without any problems.

It cleans your teeth well, looks and feels great in your hand, and has a strong battery life.

It is a nice touch and adds to the value on offer, including a travel case in the package, along with 3 brush heads.

With Brüush, there is nothing wrong, but there’s nothing that makes it stand out as an absolute must purchase.


  • Choices for style & color
  • Timer & pacer built-in
  • Switch off automatically
  • 6 Modes of Cleaning
  • Life of the battery
  • Charger with magnet


  • No Sensor Pressure
  • Subscription

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