How can we break out of this century’s wickedness?

What’s your wickedness definition?how do you define wickedness ?

“There’s a word we should tear out of our heads. You hear it 150 times a day, it’s the word “crisis”. This word has no meaning. This is a lie … “writes Jean-Claude Guillebaud.

“Look in the dictionary: a crisis is a temporary disruption in a system. So what is called “the end of the crisis” is a return to normal. If you have a liver attack and recover, you are back to good health, just like before. But we’ll never come back to yesterday’s world.

“We are not going through a crisis, but a gigantic change. In fact, we are going through several changes: geopolitical, spiritual, technological, genetic, economic. “They carry with them as many promises as threats. It means that they expect us to take them in hand. Our duty as citizens is to do everything to ward off these threats and make the promises come true. “
To this, I would add that we are living through a profound change in medicine.
If the crisis drags on … it is no longer a crisis

And do you feel like you are in a crisis?

Or is this so-called “crisis” a permanent state of suffering that you have to carry for years or decades?

Do you really have any hope that the “crisis” will end?

Or is each crisis that ends replaced by another?

Change of life perspective

The remedy may not be to wait for the “exit from the crisis,” that probably never will occur, when you believe that life is only one chain of unending cris.

One method is to try to modify our perspective of viewing our lives.

I accept change from inside so that we may let go of our illusions and aspirations of a fairytale existence in which no sorrow or calamity would occur. Accept life, which is part of the regular way of existence, with its inconvenience.

“Our might is not to re-establish the world, but to re-establish ourselves,” stated Gandhi.

Wickedness definition-disease in moving

Face it, most individuals who really care about natural health have had major or extremely serious conditions – serious “fits,” then.

Exceptions are the healthy who opt to behave preventively, “all the way” without being sick or experiencing illnesses in the immediate neighbourhood.

Fate must usually knock in a stroke, cancer, or some other “pit” on our door.

Disease can then be a chance to alter eventually.

“I spent my life expensing money I didn’t have before I got sick, buying items I didn’t need, and impressing people I actually didn’t like,” one person once told me.

Disease frequently allows us to make changes that we ought to have made years ago. However, we pushed it aside always because it was too painful. Or because the relevance of it was not understood.

Disease reminds us of the facts that are crucial. This can be good for instance, as long as you do not waste your time and energy in negative things; that every breath, every heartbeat is miracles.

Two ways to live your life

“There are only two ways to live your life,” said Albert Einstein.

“One pretending nothing is a miracle, the other pretending everything is a miracle. “

Dr David Servan-Schreiber explained in his book Anticancer his discovery of the beauty of life, the day he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Suddenly, he says, he felt released from all the pressure his parents had put on him, and that he had put himself, to always be the best anywhere.

Finally, he discovered a “good reason” to use his remaining time to do the things important to him. Without the constraint of the gaze of his father, his masters, his colleagues and rivals, who made him live life as they wanted, or rather as he imagined they wanted.

And that’s where he revealed himself to the world. By stopping trying to “succeed” with diplomas and feats of all kinds, he finally dared to become himself. And this is where he authentically … succeeded.

By books that have shocked millions of people, and most likely saved many lives. By his chronicles full of wisdom, and so profound, published after his death in the collection Our body loves the truth (a very beautiful title!).

In addition, the energy that seized him at the time of his diagnosis allowed him to defy the pessimistic predictions of the doctors.

A malignant tumor which was to decrease him intellectually and leave him only a few months of life, on the contrary, gave him the opportunity to produce works and to discover therapies (EMDR, omega-3 and antioxidants in particular). He thus resisted the disease for more than twenty years.

More than any other, he has shown that “to heal” (that’s the title of one of his books) doesn’t mean not to get hurt. This means that wounds no longer control our life, and even that they allow us to access authentic freedom, the one where we manage to leave our fears behind,because we understand that no wound will be able to prevent us from loving.

And you, dear reader, have you experienced such an opportunity for positive transformation, thanks to illness? In your life or that of someone you know?



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