Blix Sol Eclipse review Better cruise, brighter look

The Blix Sol Eclipse is a typical beach cruiser type electric cruiser bike with a comfy seat, broad handlebars, and thick tires. When combined with a strong motor, it delivers the most relaxing riding experience, making it ideal for the beach, park, or wherever your day takes you.

The new Sol Eclipse is intended for a smoother and brighter ride, with larger, cushier tires for a better riding experience, a more powerful engine for a true get-up-and-go boost, and a new LED light for riding at any hour. Now available in a variety of new, colorful hues.

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Blix Sol Eclipse

  • A stylish and easy-to-ride cruiser electric bike with excellent weight distribution and stability. It has a large comfortable saddle, swept-back handlebar, ergonomic grips, and an adjustable angle stem and is available in four attractive colors.
  • Puncture-resistant tires with luminous sidewall stripes, a built-in headlight, and an optional built-in rear light (needs the rear rack) with brake activation bright mode are all nice security enhancements.
  • In compared to traditional 26″ wheels, the snug 27.5″ wheel size reduces the attack angle and offers more air volume. On difficult terrain, the large 2.4″ tires provide stability and luxury. Good chain information, excellent mechanical disc brakes, and an easy-to-use twist shifter.
  • In my experience, fantastic value and nice customer service, however because these are purchased directly from the manufacturer, there may be some unwrapping and meeting. Given that there is no suspension fork, rack, or fenders included, it is heavier than I imagined… but, Blix does advise matching equipment. I like the USB charging connector on the display, and the large legible display, but I wish the battery chart was more accurate.
  • This report was provided free of charge, although Blix reduced the cost of traveling with me so that I could meet the group and spend more time with the motorcycles. This video and writing aren’t meant to be an endorsement of Blix items; my goal is to be transparent and fair with you.Within the feedback section below, as well as the Blix electrical bike forums, I appreciate any edits, additions, and recommendations.
Blix Sol Eclipse

Blix Sol Eclipse

Blix Sol Eclipse review


  • This is a great value for the money. This mannequin has been improved since its first release, and I appreciate that it comes in a variety of fun colors, has fluorescent puncture-resistant tires, and has a built-in spotlight.
  • The weight of the battery is minimal, and the heart is on the body, beneath the seat tube, so the pack won’t be kicked when you get on the bike. They also supplied a set of braze-on bottle cage mounts on the seat tube’s entry side! I appreciate that the threaded eyelets were welded on rather than screwed into the tube since it adds strength and may allow the seat publish to be lowered.
  • Blix provides several nice accessories for their ebikes, including as paint-matched fenders, touch-up paint, suspension seat publish, and a front or rear rack. You can buy one of their racks and a set of their gorgeous pannier luggage or one of their bolt-on primary baskets to offer a lot of functionality to your bike apart from just riding.
  • This is a fascinating wheel dimension! Blix chose 27.5′′ to make the ride more comfortable, as opposed to 26′′ on typical cruisers. This larger size raises the body by around 0.5 inch, but it decreases the wheel’s attack angle and increases air volume. Take note of the wider 2.4′′ tires they chose, which increase air volume, comfort, and stability.
  • This ebike, like other step-through wave form frames, is extremely simple to build, mount, and stable. I observed that the body reinforcement was strong enough to reduce flex, so it felt natural when used. I like the adjustable kickstand they chose, and I appreciate that it’s set far enough back to be away from the crank arms when deployed, so you don’t experience pedal lock when backing up the bike.
  • Blix has left the display panel open, allowing you to change the parameters… even the top speed. You may lower the top speed to increase range and safety, or you can raise it to operate the bike more like a Class 3 pace pedelec if you like. To comply with the allowed framework for Class 2 ebikes, they ship it at 20mph 32kmh. If you want to experience it as a Class 1 vehicle, you may disconnect it and remove the throttle.
  • The upper number 2.4′′ huge tires, upright adjustable angle stem, lengthy swept back handlebar with ergonomic grips, relaxed head tube angle, and metal fork made the bike seem quite comfortable to me, even without suspension (which helps to dampen vibration).
  • The LCD display panel is situated on the heart and is rather large, making it easy to understand. Many of the controls on this ebike, like the half-grip twist shifter that changes gears, are simple to use. On the prime, there’s an optical pane that reveals the gear you’re using.
  • I think it’s cool that the LCD show screen includes a built-in 5 volt 1 amp USB charging connector! This might be useful for charging mobile gadgets such as a smartphone, speaker, or additional lighting while in use.
  • I like how the battery appears actually safe on the flared steel seat tube, and the way their alternative packs are inexpensive for the reason that controller is separate. There’s additionally an on/off toggle change constructed into the aspect of the battery pack, so you possibly can disable it fully when transporting or storing for lengthy durations. Ideally, maintain it in a cool dry location and attempt to preserve 50%+ if you aren’t using the bike. Totally draining the pack can stress the cells.
Blix Sol Eclipse

Blix Sol Eclipse

  • Blix additionally elevated the motor controller amp output to fifteen amps steady and 25 amps peak, so the motor can function effectively. And, they moved the motor energy cable to the non-drivetrain aspect of the bike to cut back litter and add bodily safety if the bike ideas. Word the broader rear dropout 175mm vs. 135mm for larger motor and magnets inside that may enhance energy with out requiring such a tall seen motor casing. These are small issues that may go unnoticed, however to me it exhibits that they care concerning the particulars.
  • Blix has a high-resolution cadence sensor with 12 magnets, so pedal assistance is quite responsive. The sensor is small and appears to be well-sealed against water and muck, which are both excellent choices.
  • Design of the battery pack is up to date! They’re using Panasonic cells of the highest quality and spreading them apart within the case for better air flow and durability. The 48-volt system improves the efficiency of delivering electricity while also increasing the potential energy production. They were able to increase the motor’s power to 700 watts and get the top 90 newton meter torque ranking as a result of this.
  • The electronics are all modular, utilizing press match connectors, which makes them simpler to exchange if broken. I used to be informed that this was tougher, particularly for the primary controller. Contemplating that the bike is primarily bought direct to shopper, it’s good that they’re making it simpler to keep up.
  • Geared hub motors are identified for being compact, light-weight, and environment friendly. I’m conversant in the Shengyi model. This bike felt very satisfying, and I used to be capable of check it out by climbing a number of the steeper hills in Santa Cruz California, utilizing throttle solely (no pedaling). It looks as if a strong alternative, primarily based on what I’ve noticed from competing hub motor powered electrical cruiser ebikes.
Blix Sol Eclipse

Blix Sol Eclipse

  • I like that Blix has up to date their throttle habits to permit for full energy output at any degree of help, even zero! That is useful for getting began from cease indicators or site visitors alerts, catching up with associates, or specializing in stability vs. pedaling when transporting youngsters and different cargo. The set off throttle presents variable energy output too, so that you could be light by solely urgent half approach.
  • Blix has been in business since 2014, and I’ve reviewed a lot of their products and met the creator at a number of events. They look to provide excellent customer service, especially at the low price point.
  • I admire Blix’s one-year comprehensive warranty, which comes with an optional $160 one-year extension, thereby giving you a two-year guarantee that covers all sorts of faults. If you’re buying for direct rather than at a local store, that’s a nice peace of mind.
  • The plastic chainring information safeguards the finish of your pant legs or gown, and guarantees that the chain does not fall off as easily when used on uneven terrain.
Blix Sol Eclipse

Blix Sol Eclipse


  • The drivetrain could be very primary, utilizing the entry-level derailleur from Shimano. You get seven gears, however the vary is fairly restricted at 14 to twenty-eight. It’s finest suited to neighborhood using and cruising vs. steep climbing or excessive pace.
  • In case you get the elective entrance tray rack system, you’ll should re-mount the headlight to the bottom of the basket and it’ll not level the place you steer. In case you get fenders, it looks as if the headlight will get blocked a bit from shining down and lighting your path completely. I solely examined throughout the day, however tried to demo the brightness throughout our elevator experience. It ought to nonetheless show you how to to be seen when using.
  • It is a direct-to-consumer electrical bike, which means that the majority prospects order on-line and should obtain and unbox it. There aren’t too many steps, however there’s undoubtedly some additional time required to connect the handlebar and get the bike going in comparison with shopping for from a neighborhood vendor. I used to be informed that they work with some outlets to showroom their bikes, however ordering continues to be direct… and that’s a part of how they maintain the value so low.
  • The bike is a bit heavy at 54.7lbs with none fenders or racks hooked up. Most cruisers do weigh a bit additional due to the bigger tires and swept-back handlebar.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are another component option that helps to keep the value of this mannequin down. In my experience, they do take a little more manual effort than hydraulic brakes, especially the rear brake (correct lever), and the wires can become stuck over time due to mud and water infiltration. Learn how the brake housing is pointed up and the wire goes down into it, allowing water and muck to collect inside it. Blix chose standard 160mm rotors over larger 180mm rotors, which leaves less cooling surface and lower mechanical benefit, but they’re also less prone to bend at bike racks.
  • It’s a bummer that this bike doesn’t come inventory with a rear mild like lots of the different Blix fashions, however in case you go for the rear rack, you may as well get a rear mild that plugs proper in! I respect that the bike is pre-wired for this elective rear mild, and it encompasses a vibrant mode if you pull the brakes! It’s way more handy and environment friendly than a disposable battery operated rear mild.
  • Minor grievance, the body solely is available in one dimension… however the low step-thru design is pretty straightforward to method and the adjustable angle stem, swept again handlebar, and adjustable seat peak supply a variety of match choices.
  • The show isn’t detachable for defense at public bike racks or from inclement climate however at the very least it may be angled to cut back glare whereas using. I used to be stunned that the battery cost degree is definitely cut up into 5 bars although there are 10 strains… it might be extra exact in case you really had 10% increments vs. 20% right here.
  • Adjustable angle stems will usually start to wriggle loose after this strip. I’ve practiced this with several less expensive stems and would merely keep an eye on this part and tighten the bolt to avoid points. That is merely a proactive comment because the one Blix used seemed to be of exceptional high grade.
  • I didn’t notice a transparent sticker slap protector on the chainstay, implying that the chain may bounce down and scratch the paint. You may find them on the aftermarket or simply use clear field tape to avoid chipping and make the oil easier to remove.
  • The controller field is situated beneath the body, where it can remain cool but also being vulnerable to damage if you get high-centered on rocks or logs. It’s usually a good idea to have them on the inside, although it can make troubleshooting and repairs more difficult.
  • Because the battery pack is encircled by a section of body tubing, it may be a little difficult to remove. That is especially true if the seat is low; you may wish to raise the seat or completely extend the seat publish for easier access.

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Blix Sol Eclipse review Better cruise, brighter look
Blix Sol Eclipse review Better cruise, brighter look
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