Blackberry health benefits nutrition facts

Blackberry health benefits

blackberry evokes nibbling at the edge of wild hedges. Fruit Gourmet by excellence, blackberry is also grown. Softer and sweeter, ripe culture offers, too, a whole range of flavors. The small fruit with nice dark dress is no stranger to the kitchen. It is also an indispensable ally to your well-being.

The taste of blackberry is very fragrant. On the palate, the ripe crop has a flavor both sweet and tart.

Depending on the variety, this beautiful bay is more or less dark purple.

Raw or cooked, it has many affinities with the salty taste like the sweet.

Well endowed with vitamins and minerals, it has a particularly high intake of pigments with antioxidant properties.

Blackberry is the fruit of the bramble and grows on its thorny creepers.

It is available from July to October.


Blackberry is a fragile fruit. In its container, it must be intact and free from bruises. If you can, take a look under the tray to ensure that no fruit is crushed, thus accelerating the degradation of other berries.

Picked when fully ripe, cultivated blackberry is tender, almost soft.


Blackberry keeps 2-3 days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

Most of the time you will find mature packaged in punnets of 125 grams.


Oven stove / wok

Like all berries, blackberries can not stand too long cooking, which reduces the puree. To keep the whole, tiédissez it but do not cook at maximum. Floods, blackberries have the advantage of keeping all their vitamins, but you can still cook:

3 minutes in a frying pan fried in butter and sugar;

grilled, in a gratin;

3 minutes maximum (and average power) in a microwave oven, for a sweet or savory puree;

the jam.

Blackberry health benefits nutrition facts

If these are the organic acids that give the fruit its tart flavor, blackberry also contains a significant amount of minerals and trace elements (manganese in particular). Its nutritional value also comes from the presence of flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

Calories (kcal per 100 g)       45.1

Proteins (g per 100 g)             0.9

Carbohydrate (g per 100 g)   6.02

Lipids (g per 100 g)                 0.2


Vitamin C (mg per 100 g)        15

Vitamin E (mg per 100 g)     2.37


Potassium (mg per 100 g)     160

Calcium (mg per 100 g)           41

Phosphorus (mg per 100g)      31

Trace elements

Zinc (mg per 100 g)                    0.2

Iron (mg per 100 g)                      0.7

Beta-carotene (mcg per 100 g) 116

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