BioSerenity – Une smart clothing for people with epilepsy

Bioserenity is a smart connected t-shirt that can be used to monitor and prevent epileptic seizures more effectively. A French smart health start-up proposes this solution of follow-up and diagnosis of epilepsy by means of a connected T-shirt.

Epilepsy, what is it?

Epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide. A large majority of them must wait several years to be diagnosed and receive the appropriate treatment.It is a neurological disease that can cause recurrent and spontaneous epileptic seizures. This results from an abnormal and simultaneous discharge of thousands of so-called “hyperexcitable” neurons in the brain. Severe attacks will cause absences (altered consciousness) or muscle convulsion / stiffening (tonic-clonic seizures). Management is based on the use of anti-epileptic drugs and compliance with certain rules of hygiene (regular sleep, avoid alcohol consumption, stressful situations, etc.).

The Neuronaute, a smart and connected T-shirt

The Neuronaute device, a T-shirt and helmet equipped with sensors like other intelligent and connected clothing that BioSerenity plans to develop, aims to “free itself from the constraints of time and space”. Indeed, recording seizures is essential to refine the diagnosis.

However, currently, this requires hospitalization in a specialized hospital with the necessary equipment for registration. The duration of this hospitalization can range from several tens of minutes to 1 week and this is not always enough to record seizures! Thus, the Neuronaute allows you to make recordings from home and at any time of day and night. Thus, thanks to biometric sensors, the Neuronaute product can make EEG, ECG and EMG recordings.

Smart clothing that signals the risk of epileptic seizures

The story of Bioserenity begins at Pitié Salpêtrière hospital with a patient with epilepsy who had the habit of recording and recording his various seizures. He noted that these crises occur regularly when he finds himself in a particular state or environment. It was therefore essential for the neurologists responsible for its follow-up to obtain a monitoring tool that would allow the study of epileptic seizures.

BioSerenity’s Neuronaute follow-up program includes smart clothing with biometric sensors that continuously record body parameters. And, a mobile application that processes and analyzes data to detect the risk of crisis. The follow-up can be done in the patient’s home, and avoids hospitalization in a specialized center. If a crisis is suspected, the system alerts the doctor and tells the entourage how to react.

A cloud system allows the sharing and storage of data securely. It receives the information collected from different users. Then, through BigData analyzes, it is possible to create reports and studies available to public researchers. This improves the understanding of the disease and its evolutions by patient, by group of patients and by type of epileptic syndrome.

Bioserenity revolutionizes the diagnosis of epilepsy

The Neuronaute system improves epileptic seizure management, adapts treatment, facilitates diagnosis and advances epilepsy research. Whether one is patient, doctor or researcher, Bioserenity brings a concrete solution in the field of epilepsy.

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