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While daily physical activity is important to staying in shape, few people have the time to get to the gym or jog. Because of daily obligations, the workout often goes by the wayside. The vibration plate is a new, easy-to-use fitness device that allows you to build your entire body effortlessly and quickly. But how to choose the best vibration plate?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best vibrating platforms around and give you all the advice you need to make the right choice.


7 best vibration plates

Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibrating and Oscillating Platform: The best vibrating platform in 2020

Bluefin Fitness incorporates 180 levels of intensity. You can choose between 5 programs of 10 minutes each, pre-established by the manufacturer. Available in French, this device is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen LCD screen to receive real-time data relating to your workouts.

The presence of built-in Bluetooth speakers rounds out the options for enjoying your favorite tunes during your workouts. Improved blood circulation, body flexibility, fat loss, muscle building, better bone density and weight loss are some of the guaranteed benefits of Bluefin Fitness.

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform | Ultra Slim | Built-in Bluetooth Speakers | Silent Drive Motor | Ideal for Toning and...

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Last update was on: October 28, 2021 8:23 am

The Intey vibration plate

It is very popular with those looking for a quality vibrating platform. She’s the Intey vibrating platform. We like it for its low price of course, but also and above all because it is versatile.

The Intey vibrating platform offers you 3 vibration zones, 20 speed levels, 5 automatic modes to vary the exercises. You can operate and adjust it from its display screen but also from its handy remote control.

You can set the duration of your session up to 10 minutes. It can support a maximum weight of 120 kilos. We find the Intey vibrating platform quiet enough to use without disturbing those around you. Given its qualities, we can only recommend the Intey vibrating platform.

INTEY Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, 6 in 1 Multifunction Vibration Fitness Platform, Quiet Non Slip, 20 Speed Levels Equivalent to...

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LifePro Waver

This model is of excellent quality, has several speeds and a very nice design.

There are 99 speed levels so you can tailor the speed to your level and training.

The platform also has wheels for easy movement and storage.

The product also contains straps and resistance bands for the most complete workout possible.

The machine weighs around 15 kilos, which is rather light for such a powerful platform.

LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate - Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine - Home & Travel Workout Equipment for Weight...

$149.99 in stock
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JUFIT oscillating shaper platform

Good quality, quiet and rather robust, the JUFIT platform uses the benefits of oscillation to stimulate your muscles in depth, but above all to smooth your skin. With 10 minute-a-day programs and 3 swing zones, get back into shape quickly and effectively. With 5 predefined programs, you can work the different muscles gently, but also use it to relax or massage yourself after training. You will quickly feel changes in your blood circulation and your shape, it will take a little longer (after about a month of use) to see physical results. Simple and very interesting financially, you will not be disappointed to strengthen yourself while staying at home and to relieve your tensions.

JUFIT Fitness Vibration Plate Exercise Equipment Whole Body Shape Exercise Machine Vibration Platform Fit Massage Workout Trainer,Max User Weight 330lbs

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Bluefin (high-end vibrating and oscillating platform, 180 levels)

This 3D vibrating machine is of excellent quality, with speakers connected to Bluetooth.

The surface is very large and non-slip.

It offers 180 levels as well as 5 integrated automatic programs.

It also allows massages beyond conventional exercises to lose weight.

The machine is rather heavy but has two motors, which justifies the weight.

Bluefin Fitness Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform | Oscillation, Vibration + 3D Motion | Huge Anti-Slip Surface | Bluetooth Speakers...

$252.83 $299.00 in stock
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Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Loop Resistance Bands 

Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Loop Resistance Bands - Whole Body Workout Fitness Platform for Home Training and...

$199.99 in stock
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Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine 

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine | Exercise Equipment For Home | Vibration Plate | Balance Your Weight Workout Equipment...

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Major brands of vibrating platform

After the selection criteria, here are some of the most famous brands in this field for their know-how.


Bluefin. 4D vibrating platforms and conveyor belts, among others, appear in its product catalog. If you have a preference for functional, easy-to-use devices, then this is the brand to go for. Its vibrating platforms reveal great ergonomics and can also be easily stored in a corner. Exactly what you would expect from a fitness machine.


It is a brand known for its sports and fitness equipment for individuals. Machines which for the most part conform to new trends while being affordable. Vibrating platforms are part of this range. Prized for their beautiful design, these devices incorporate the features necessary to refine your figure, strengthen your muscles, in short achieve your goal without too much effort.

Lifepro vibration plates provide whole body and multidirectional vibrations to calm the nervous system, drain the lymphatic system for improved metabolism and weight loss, improve bone density, and strengthen the core for greater balance.
The criteria to know to choose your vibrating platform

So let’s start over from the beginning: What is a vibrating platform? A vibrating platform is made up of a vibrating plate, a support column and a console. The principle is simple: the motor of the device creates vibrations that will stimulate the muscles of your body when you stand on the stage. The vibrations are added to your regular strength training exercises. Perform your workouts in the usual way and let the vibrations do their work!

Many studies have proven the benefits of vibrations on the human body. Today in 2020, vibrating platforms have already conquered a very large audience, and a large number of fitness rooms. Whether it is sports or health professionals, all recognize the virtues of vibrations in terms of bodybuilding, rehabilitation, relaxation, fat loss or cellulite treatment. To learn more about the benefits of vibrations, it’s here!

To choose your vibrating platform in an informed way, it is good to know some essential characteristics. It’s up to you to prioritize some more than others according to your expectations and your goals!

Strength and resistance

This is to ensure the life expectancy of your vibrating platform. A sturdy and strong device will withstand more heavy loads and intensive use. Take a look at the materials that make up the platform, as they are largely responsible for long-term performance.

The power of the engine (s) of the device is also an essential element. Indeed, a powerful motor will better support your mass on the vibrating plate. Remember that a platform carries you through training and no one is as light as a feather. If the engine is weak, it will tire quickly. If you have a heavy weight, be sure to check the wattage of the motor. For a device with more performance and durability, choose a dual motor platform.

The versatility of the device

Do you want a specialized device that targets a particular function? Or rather a platform that allows you to multiply the exercises to work the whole body?

If your goal is to lose weight and lose weight, some platforms are suitable for this specific goal. Others will focus on well-being and health, or muscle building and the elimination of cellulite.

But since the objectives are often brought to evolve, other devices have features that allow you to vary and work everything. Such vibrating platforms are not necessarily more expensive, you can find them at very affordable prices by combining them with additional accessories (extenders for example). It’s up to you to see which option suits you best! Again, take the time to know your needs because there is not ONE ideal vibrating platform that fits everyone.

The price

It is important to know that the price range of vibrating platforms is very, very wide! Some devices are accessible for 200 euros, or even a little less. But the price can skyrocket up to 1,000 or 2,000 euros, as well as up to 10,000 euros for the most powerful platforms!

A small wallet does not prevent investing in a platform at 1000 euros if you need and want to. However, be careful of unnecessary purchases or purchases made on a whim. Maybe a 500 euro platform will meet your expectations. But if you are fully motivated, don’t hesitate! To make sure you’re choosing the right one, check out my complete vibrating platform buying guide.


I give this criterion a point of honor, but it is a very subjective opinion. But I’ll explain why: I’m a fitness teacher and I love anything that is accessories or sports equipment to improve physical performance. I do exercises in the gym as well as at home: but when I’m at home, I don’t want my apartment to turn into a real annex gym … I like when my equipment is discreet, sober and that it stows away easily when I don’t want to leave it visible to my guests. For an imposing device such as a vibrating platform, I often recommend choosing material with a clean design that will fit better into the decor, or a portable platform that can be stored anywhere. But again, it’s very subjective on my part and it’s up to you to see what you prefer!


You will adopt a lot of different postures on your platform, more or less easy to hold, so it is better that your level of comfort is optimal! A wide platform will give you more range in your movements. The ergonomics of the device is very important: for example, depending on your objectives, you may want your platform to have support arms or not.

Some platforms offer multiple control screens, up and down the support column, so you can access information from any position (standing, crouching, planking, etc.) Most devices have a remote control to control the platform when your posture prevents you from intervening on the screen.

You can find all this information in our guide dedicated to vibrating platforms.

Vibrations, oscillations … What does it bring new?

Many studies have proven the benefits of vibrations on the human body. Today in 2020, vibrating platforms have already conquered a very large audience, and a large number of fitness rooms. Whether it is sports or health professionals, all recognize the virtues of vibrations in terms of bodybuilding, rehabilitation, relaxation, fat loss or cellulite treatment.

The vibratory movement takes place along a horizontal axis, from top to bottom, which allows the structure formed by fat cells to be broken. Drainage is promoted and it is therefore an excellent way to smooth the oily and dimpled appearance of the skin!

The oscillations are carried out along an axis central to the plateau. The pendulum effect works the lower muscles of the body (thighs, legs, glutes), but also the abdominals. With the oscillating movements, your body will naturally seek to balance itself by calling on many muscles.

Oscillating platforms have the advantage of being more comfortable and of working the muscle more in depth: indeed, the search for balance during any sporting practice contributes enormously to strengthening the deepest muscles, so difficult to develop (and so essential because responsible for a good maintenance of the body and a straight back). It is also often advisable to get out of balance to increase the difficulty of an exercise.

What you need to know about vibrating platforms
A little history

The first vibrating platforms appeared in the USSR during the 1960s. They were then intended for the bodybuilding of cosmonauts returning to Earth after a stay in space: indeed, the variation of physical laws (and in particular gravitational) in the space had an impact on muscle mass which was melting considerably.

It was not until 1998 that Guus Van Der Meer (Dutch sports trainer) integrated vibrations into the work programs of his athletes in order to stimulate their muscles. He designed the first machines and then patented them: the Power Plate brand was born, the first in the field, in 1999. Today, Power Plate devices are leaders in the vibrating platform market. .

Not yet completely known to the general public, vibrating platforms are nevertheless asserting themselves more and more in sports, health and well-being. Prized by celebrities to have even more results during their workouts, the beneficial effects on the body are always more and more proven! Vibrating platforms are also used for medical purposes to improve blood circulation, massage the body or get rid of certain excess fat that is dangerous to health.

The jargon of an innovative practice

Like any sport, bodybuilding has its own jargon and characteristics. These few lines will help you be at the forefront of the subtleties of vibrating platforms!

Platform movement – Deep muscle building or rid your body of unwanted fat cells: Depending on your personal goal, one movement is better than another!
The frequency of vibrations – A platform that vibrates, okay, but how? For relaxation or rehabilitation, a vibration frequency of less than 30 Hz will suffice. To work your muscles harder and stimulate blood circulation, aim for a higher frequency.
Platform Size – The platform should be large enough to accommodate your various positions: standing, squatting, sitting, on your hands, etc.
Your weight – Platforms are designed to support a maximum load which is not always the same from one product to another.
The structure – Platforms can be metal, plastic or composite material. You may be more or less comfortable depending on the composition of your device. A metal structure is more resistant, more stable and transmits vibrations particularly well. But it is also more expensive.
The Console – Remember, however, that a complex console sometimes requires a lot of experience to understand everything, otherwise it’s superfluous!
Training programs – On most devices, predefined programs guide you according to your level of fitness, your goal (to lose weight, build muscle, etc.). For the more expert, there are programs that push you to go beyond your limits so you never rest on your laurels!
Options and Accessories – Most vibrating platforms come with a set of accessories that will make using your machine much easier!

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