Top 10 best smart kitchen gadgets in 2020

While the concept is as old as the world, the kitchen is in the process of upgrading to version 2.0. From the fridge to the blender, this place of life has gradually advanced on the path of the future. In order to make the most of it, we offer our top 10 best smart kitchen gadgets to equip a smart health connected kitchen.

Originally, smart health connected objects were invented to make our lives easier. Automotive, household appliances, it is therefore natural that they have transformed your work plan into real smart health connected kitchen. These are now almost commonplace in the IoT revolution. If you are not sure where to start in upgrading your smart health connected kitchen, we offer our top. This brings together the best accessible objects in 2018 to make your room more comfortable.

Top 10 best smart kitchen gadgets in 2020

iQ500 from Siemens, the fridge that offers a social smart health connected kitchen

While smart health connected objects are increasingly present behind the stove, an innovation presented to IFA fair in Berlin should appeal to those who never want to lose touch with their friends. Developed by Siemens, the iQ500 is no ordinary fridge. Thanks to two cameras installed in the device, it becomes possible, thanks to his tablet or smartphone, to check at a glance whether to return to buy milk, and to send SMS with the photo of the fridge and the shopping list for your family.

The photo is taken from two different angles using the smart health home app. We also manages their shopping lists with the whole family and we can exchange the shots to negotiate at the time of the crucial choice between buying merguez or chipolatas.

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D-Vine, a health home enologist

This smart health connected machine will delight lovers of fine wines. D-Vine is an innovation allowing individuals to consume their wine in the best possible conditions.

The machine selects bottles of wine for you and prepares them for a successful tasting: optimal ventilation and temperature on the program.


Although a luxury device, D-Vine is suitable for lovers of great wines … provided you have the means! As well decorative than utility, it will allow you to discover or rediscover several varieties of wine, for a quality tasting.

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Ikea 2.0

Nowadays, when we talk about apartment, furniture and more and more kitchen, we think directly of Ikea. The Swedish manufacturer, already present on the market, does not intend to stop there. Indeed, during Milan Design Week (April 2015), Ikea presented a real kitchen of the future, where everything (almost everything in fact) was smart health connected. Still in the planning stage, this smart health connected kitchen should inspire more than one.

It consists of all the normal utensils in a kitchen, except for one detail. The smart table suggests how to prepare the food placed on the worktop, or give you the recipes that best match the cooking time you have. Another innovation,smart sink that has a wastewater drain, and another for reusable water. A smart health connected kitchen so that could happen sooner than you think.

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Taste Bud to stay fresh and available

As the end of the month approaches, a difficult choice gradually presents itself. Go shopping or risk cooking with the funds in the fridge? To avoid food poisoning, designer Vamsi Krishna Muralidharan, a student at the Domus Academy of Design in Milan, developed the Taste Bud. smart health connected to a smartphone, this object has a pointed part which is necessary sting in food to can know the level of freshness of a food.

taste bud

It’s using his integrated sensors that you will be able to know if the food is still good or if it is better to throw it away. Taste Bud is very heat and water resistant, you can monitoring temperature food during each stage of cooking. You will even be able to leave the object in the pan during the cooking to be alert on your phone when the dish is ready. What best secure your smart health connected kitchen.

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Ikawa, the coffee that fits into a smart health connected kitchen

How to close this top without talking about a single coffee machine? To repair this real injustice, here is Ikawa, the smart health connected roaster. In order to find pleasure in drinking coffee in the morning, the Ikawa researchers decided to keep it simple. Indeed, just register the type of bean you have for the system offers you the existing recipes. Thereafter, it will simply be necessary to pour the beans to obtain its ground coffee.

In addition, an application (iOS and Android) has been implemented to monitoring the progress of the preparation. It is also possible to customize the recipes and share your creations on social networks. Finally, a notification will be sent to you once your coffee is ready!

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The SmartPlate to prepare better meals

If you are used to monitoring your calorie consumption through different dedicated applications, the SmartPlate should make your life easier!

The plate in question has a WiFi and Bluetooth connection and is equipped with three small cameras and weight sensors.

In other words, the SmartPlate will monitoring you! She will guess what you eat and tell you the proper proportions. If you use too much in the granny dish, the plate will alert you via the app.

This automatically synchronizes with the smart health smart health connected object, to automatically analyze and keep track of each meal, and then connect to the Fitbit or MyFitnessPal applications.

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HAPIfork counts your bites

At its first presentation a few years ago at CES, the HAPIfork had attracted everyone’s attention, to the point of being the star of the event.

If you haven’t heard of it, we’re talking about a smart fork that helps you track and control your eating habits.

connected kitchen

Using “Slow Control”(Understand slow control), the smart health connected cover measures the bites you take, and will vibrate when lighting up if you eat too quickly. A dashboard is also available to analyze your “performance” when you have lunch.

For € 75, HAPIfork will help you follow the diet plan that suits you.

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Bosch health home Connect makes your smart health connected kitchen smarter

Presentation of the Bosch Home Connect for connected kitchen

As part of this top, Bosch is a bit special. So, she is not satisfied with an object, but with a real system for smart health connected kitchen. Indeed, the German brand makes it possible to link a large majority of the products in its range to your smartphone. Via the latter, it therefore becomes possible to control a very large number of parameters. We think in particular of the management of the heat of its oven or its refrigerator.

The interest of the Bosch health home Connect comes above all from its practical aspect: it makes your laptop a real universal remote control. Indeed, all your devices are now linked to a single object, which offers incomparable user comfort. You no longer have to travel to your machines to operate them. An aspect that will undoubtedly appeal to those in a hurry.

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Nanopresso offers you coffee at any time

Presentation of Nanopresso for the connected kitchen

This time, we are going to touch on an object related to the smart health connected kitchen, but which nevertheless moves away from it. Indeed, Nanopresso is a portable coffee machine. There is no longer any need to bother with objects as imposing as they are noisy with this object which is in your hand. As its nature suggests, it is particularly practical for traveling. Whether you prefer capsules or powder, the machine takes care of everything.

If ease of transport is part of the specifications of many objects, the Nanopresso pushes the concept far. Indeed, in addition to its reduced size, it has reserve compartments. These allow you to keep an extra capsule, just in case. Available around 90 euros, it’s still a little expensive, but that’s not what will stop a true coffee lover.

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Millo, the intelligent and silent mixer

millo mixer

Today, many are those for whom eating healthy has become paramount. For that nothing beats good fruits and vegetables, whether cooked or in the form of juice. After a Successful kickstarter in 2017, Millo is born and follows this trend. Indeed, it is a smart mixer that can be managed via a smartphone app. That said, it is less for this than for its impressive discretion that we recommend this object.

Thus, the manufacturers of the Millo promise an activity 20% quieter than any conventional mixer. It cwe consume less energy and produce less heat than the competition. Its ease of use is also to be highlighted. Indeed, the whole device is easily “detachable” in order to clean it without problems. Its release is scheduled for March 2018 for 499 pounds, i.e. 586 euros.

Bellow are other smart kitchen gadgets could improve your health 

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 3 Quart, 11 One-Touch Programs
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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker bundled with Nanopresso Protective Case, Upgrade Version of Minipresso, 18 Bar Pressure, Extra Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated
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Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker, Programmable, 12 Cup Capacity, Black and Stainless Steel (49350) – A Certified for Humans Device
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Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 13 One-Touch Programs
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14 used from $74.99
as of March 5, 2021 7:07 pm
Ninja Foodi Pro 5-in-1 Integrated Smart Probe and Cyclonic Technology Indoor Grill, Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate (AG400), 10" X 10", Black and Silver
in stock
4 new from $269.99
5 used from $172.04
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Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System, NSF Certified, TDS Reduction, 400 GPD Fast Flow, Tankless, Compact, Smart Faucet, 1: 1 Drain Ratio, UL Listed Power, USA Tech, WD-G3-W
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